‘Prince George is grumpy’, reveals the Duchess of Cambridge because Prince Louis is winning the sunflower race

He also kept a promise to the Delf family, made during a video call last week, to plant a large sunflower in memory of nine-year-old Fraser, who died in January of this year at Milton Hospice in Cambridge.

Meeting the Pope-Saunders family, who had been visiting EVERYONE since Sonny was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after his sixth birthday in February this year, the Duchess said, “I am always impressed by families like hers, particularly having have to go through all of this in blocking.

“You show so much resistance and courage. You are a great inspiration to us all. More people in the country should get to know families like you, there are a lot of changes for all of you and you have coped fantastically. “

The coronavirus had been “without a doubt the most difficult thing we have had to face,” said Ms. Rennie, with restricted face-to-face care and with families unable to use the soft play of the hospice day center, hydrotherapy pools. , music and art rooms.

The duchess also met Liam and Lisa Page, whose three-month-old son Connor was born with severe brain damage on March 5.