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Prince Charles is an enthusiastic gardener and is well known for his environmental stance, with his mantra being: “It is better to work with nature than against it.” In fact, the Prince of Wales is so interested in greenery that the Royal Gardens at Highgrove have become his personal labor of love for the past three decades as he strives to create the perfect outdoor space.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he revealed some ‘tricks of the trade’, such as ‘caring for the trees’, after cutting off the end of his finger hitting the stakes and ‘enjoying’.

He was saddened: “Before you rush to see things, look at what you like and don’t like and then get caught. For me it is the most wonderful therapeutic business. You can get rewarded for that, but you can also go crazy for it. ”

But Prince Charles also revealed a personal favorite, saying: “I have an absolute passion for dolphins, and always have.

“There is something about those Edwardian watercolors … Gardening is like painting to me. You need to put on the paint and not waste time.

When asked about his favorite flower before this year’s virtual Chelsea Flower Show, he also revealed his “passion” for the purple flower and said, “For me, the gorgeous, gloriously dressed Delphinium with its flawless and focused platoon demeanor. , has pride of place in my botanical affections. “

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Delphinium comes from the Greek word “delphis”, which means dolphin, and refers to the shape of the closed flower buds, which resemble the nose of a dolphin.

The Royal Horticultural Society describes the vibrant purple or pink tinted flower as “the last perennial in early summer,” with about 300 varieties on offer.

The Prince’s chosen flower symbolizes positivity, according to

The website says: “Delphinium’s meanings include openness to new experiences and general positivity.

“These beautiful blue flowers evoke feelings of joy, warmth and fun.

“Delphiniums are the perfect flower to give someone who is depressed about life and encourage them to expand their horizons to try new experiences.”

However, there is another meaning behind the flower that also symbolizes encouragement and joy, in addition to remembering loved ones who have passed away.

While Prince Charles is now married to his long-term partner Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, there is one woman he will always be linked with: Princess Diana.

Delphinium is also the official July birth flower, and Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961.

She also married Charles on July 29, 1981, making the summer month an extremely important date for the couple.

While the couple’s divorce was made official in 1996, the couple was still together due to Prince William and their son’s Prince Harry.

In the years since her tragic death, the Royal Family has frequently paid tribute to the Princess of Wales, with her children Harry and William regularly opening up in their struggles since they lost their mother.

And although Charles and Diana were divorced at the time of his death, he also often paid tribute to the woman who was by his side for several years.

In fact, when the Prince of Wales celebrated his 70th birthday in 2018, Clarence House honored Diana’s memory by including her in a sweet montage of images.

And when visiting the London lighthouse, which cares for people with HIV and AIDS and where Diana frequently visited, she made a moving comment on the legacy of the late princess.

Charles told the crowd, “Coming here has reminded me of all the work that Diana did before she died.”

Her emotional tribute was well received by Charity Director Grainne Morby, who said: “Prince Charles’s mention of Diana’s work here was a brave acknowledgment well done.

“It is symbolically very significant that Charles is seen to assume Diana’s legacy.”

So, as the Delphinium represents the memory of loved ones, it seems that Prince Charles is eager to echo this endearing message in his daily life.