The cyclist-firefighter Carlos Vieira dies, world record


The cyclist who broke world records in cycling resistance, Carlos Vieira, died this Tuesday, at the age of 68, in the Leiria hospital, where he was admitted days ago after a positive diagnosis for covid-19, the family announced.

The “firefighter-cyclist”, as he was known for his professional and sports activities, was weakened by health complications that have weakened him in recent years, and could not resist catching the new coronavirus, dying this Tuesday.

Carlos Vieira rose to fame in 1983, when he broke the world record for cycling endurance: for 191 hours he pedaled non-stop, covering almost three thousand kilometers in the old Municipal Stadium of Leiria.

In 1990 Carlos Vieira set a new Guinness record for resistance to the bicycle, but on rollers, a brand manufactured in New Jersey, United States of America.

Back in Leiria, In 2014, he pedaled 15 hours and 14 minutes on wheels on a fire truck and, in 2018, he set a new record, riding the bike for eight hours with one hand..

Municipality of Leiria and Sporting express regret for the cyclist’s death

A convinced religious, Carlos Vieira also made connections between Leiria and the Vatican by bicycle, being received by Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis.