Popular City Ice Cream Shop Van Robs, May Close For Good – NBC Connecticut

A popular Connecticut ice cream shop van was looted and severely damaged and now, the store says, they may have to close permanently.

Small ice cream serves many areas, including Stafford, Vernon, Rockville and Enfield.

The ice cream truck broke down, suffered heavy damage, and all the remaining ice cream was stolen, the shop said in a Facebook post.

Some of the exhaust pipe screws and catalytic converters were also stolen.

“This ice cream season with COVID has been without a doubt very challenging. This season I lost a lot of money making events, fireworks, carnivals, fairs, sports, school field days, graduations, town-wide events, summer camps, daycares. , Lakes and pools. I stuck to it, drove the neighbors, did a drive-by parade and did a few birthday parties, “the owner said in a statement.

Another ice cream truck, which is at the Ray Garage in Stafford, needs to be serviced, which is a big expense, the ice cream shop said.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t get enough money to fix ’73. The damage to the ice cream van today is so bad. I can’t fix both my trucks. I am. I’m sorry, so I’m sorry.” I’m putting you all down.