Pompeo says there is a ‘substantial chance’ order to poison the Kremlin-produced Alexei Navalny

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the directive to poison the Russian opposition leader may have come from the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Alexei went into a novel coma after drinking poison with the nerve agent Novichok in Siberia. He was moved to Germany for treatment after Russian doctors tried to keep him in the country. He has since woken up, but the long-term damage is unclear. “I think people all over the world see this kind of activity for what it is. And when they see an attempt to poison dissidents, and they accept that this is a real opportunity, this is a real opportunity,” Pompeo said. Coming from senior Russian officials, I think this is not good for the Russian people. I think it is not good for Russia. “Pompeo’s remarks were more of a presidential one – Trump has refused to criticize Russia for the incident and said on Friday that “There is no evidence yet” of the Kremlin’s involvement.

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