PlayStation Announces Bug Rewards Program


The PlayStation Bug Rewards Program could pay $ 50,000 or more for hacking the PS4.


PlayStation has launched a bug bounty program where it will pay you to hack into your system, the latest console and accessories. Sony is partnering with HackerOne on the show and invites security researchers, gamers, and users to test security on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network.

“The safety of our products is a critical part of creating incredible experiences for our community,” said the PlayStation blog.

Sony is currently seeking reports on PS4 system, operating system, accessories and PSN. A critical error on the PSN will pay from $ 3,000, a high severity error $ 1,000, medium severity $ 400, and low severity $ 100.

Payments are higher in the PS4, with a critical error payment starting at $ 50,000, high severity $ 10,000, medium severity $ 2,500 and low severity $ 500.

You are currently not paying for errors found on PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Vita or PSP, or software released by third party companies.

Correction, 9:15 pm PT: The PlayStation 4 bug bounty starts at $ 50,000.