Players who could be traded before the 2020 season

Which Denver Broncos players could trade before the 2020 season?

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DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 22: Tim Patrick # 81 of the Denver Broncos runs to the field during the starting lineup presentation before a game against the Detroit Lions at Empower Field on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford / Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos haven’t exactly had the most engaging depth around the league in the past few seasons.

However, after three seasons of good writing, the Broncos’ depth looks much stronger than it has in recent years, which could lead to some preseason swaps ahead of the 2020 regular season.

What usually motivates teams to trade? There are some important factors.


Every year injuries arise around the league that force teams to trade. If teams don’t have the exemption priority order, your best bet is to swap last-round draft assets for guys who could really help them instead of just removing the junk heap.

Solid preliminary evaluations

When teams obtain new training regimens, prospects whose potential has not yet been realized can be gained by exchanging pennies for the dollar.

If a team had a strong pre-draft evaluation of a player entering their second and fourth seasons in the league, it is possible to see those players traded and acquired for a decent price, especially if they come from a team that has won Changes. office / coaching.

Training scheme / adjustment

If a team is looking to make an exchange, one of the factors that is often very important is the player’s connection to a coach in the team staff that acquires them.

Sometimes when coaches move to new teams, one of the ways they can be successful early is by bringing in players who already know their scheme, and that is often player friendly as well.


One of the main motivators in trading and gaining players through trading? Your Contract If a player is in a rookie deal, it is a very attractive trade piece. If they have an expiring deal, the negotiating team is likely to make more moves.

Because teams eat dead money on exchanges in the NFL, you rarely see offers made for players with plenty of guaranteed cash left in their bid or big high limit shots.

Of course, the main reason for making an exchange is always to attract players who can help you, usually immediately.

The Broncos have quite a few players who could be attractive pieces in the NFL as we get closer to the roster competitions and eventually the cuts.

Let’s take a look at which players could be traded and the reasons that could happen.