Pixel 5, Chromecast with Google TV, Nest Audio Dio: Google has just announced

Chromecast with Google TV

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Google Zoom Start the night The event Wednesday was the latest in a flurry of September tech announcements. Virtual event, which saw unveiling Pixel 5 And Google’s first entry in 5th place, followed Pixel 4 is a budget phone unveiled In august. The incident confirmed the existence of Google’s next flagship phone, Pixel 5, And Pixel 4 is 5G. The two new phones were launched at Google’s September event New Chromecast And a new nest-branded smart speaker, Nest Audio Dio. There were a few surprises, though, except Hold on for me Phone feature, which is awesome on which you make hold-on-hold-permanent calls in the hands of Google Assistant.

Pixel 5 announcement, Like Google’s previous flagship phones, Ancient plumbing (or perhaps, Lin La of CNET is suspicious, “Leaks” are part of Google’s marketing strategy).

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Everything has just been revealed at Google’s Pixel 5 event



Google’s latest flagship adds 5G support to Google’s Rota, and it went live on Google’s store before the announcement. It starts at 9699 (£ 599, AU $ 999). The portrait in the camera combines my portrait LIght and Night Site. And with the new phone, Google added a big bundle of services called Google One, La Apple One.

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Updated 50 (£ 60, AU $ 99) The updated Chromecast has a new remote with a support button, plus dedicated buttons for high profile streaming services. “One more supportive TV” is Google’s tagline for Google TV, which looks like Android TV: The Next Generation. It updates the recommendation engine and finds better results, plus accumulates your streaming subscriptions.

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Chromecast with Google TV wants to help you find that …


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Mass’s smart speaker feels more bass, value and skin characteristic changes. It will charge you 100 (£ 90, AU $ 149). Take Our Nest Audio Dio Read It First.