Piloton compares to Netflix and Amazon in the way that demand is booming

Peloton is excited about the growth potential for its Connected Fitness offering fur, which gives .ex access to virtual workouts.


Investors have recently expressed little concern about whether popular “stay-some-home” companies will be able to maintain their momentum, but analysts are optimistic about the prospect of moving to Piloton Interactive Inc.

Shares of Peloton Petion,
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The company, which manufactures connected drill equipment, reported quarterly revenue on Friday morning and posted its first-quarter profit.

“While we’re putting petty concerns around the year-round guidelines in the faces of many COVID-related strangers, the management’s expectations of more than 2 million connected fitness customers exiting FY21 are about 20% higher than sales,” Evercore wrote. ISI analyst Lee Horowitz mentions the company’s subscription service for video-based workouts.

Horowitz called Peloton a “clear long-term beneficiary of COVID in the consumer Internet” and argued that “under the company’s guidance, the benefits of this unfortunate crisis are incredibly sticky.”

It maintained an outperforming rating on the stock and doubled its price target from ડ 62 to 120 120.

Rosenblatt Securities analyst Bernie Matterna also relied on subscription momentum. “Connected Fitness was better than the expected customer guide in terms of earnings, without having to call another almost doubling of customers and having no major impact from the value. [treadmill] “We expect to be a significant driver in FY22,” he wrote. “Focusing on affordability should accelerate the shift towards a mix of revenue and profits towards subscription, which is a key value maker for the company.”

Matterna has a buy rating on Peloton’s stock and has raised its price target from 105 dollars to $ 1 to 0.

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Steffel analyst Scott DeWitt argued that Piloton’s big runway was ahead and that the company was headed by Netflix Inc. Compared to NFLX,
+ 0.70%
And Amazon.com Inc. AMZN,

He wrote that the gym of the future could be largely left for muscular, hookups and rubbish living quarters, as the growing part of the population now allows it.

DeWitt writes that Piloton has a “huge lead” in in-home cardio workouts and will eventually increase his power offerings, as ” [how] Amazon started with books and now it’s all in store. “The phenomenon will spread around the world and there are significant cost benefits in content creation globally like Netflix.” He wrote while revising the buy rating and raising its price target from $ 72 to $ 120.

Barclays analyst Deepak Maitivan wrote that Pilot “has already resumed selling its trades in many markets, as Covid controls are simple, which should boost revenue on top of strong bike sales in the next few quarters.”

Mathiwana warned that there are still some negatives in the recent comments, including that the company’s total margins for connected fitness products are expected to narrow and that the offer of the next low-cost treadmill could also push total margins.

It has continued to rate overweight stocks, raising its price target from from 110 to the price-to-earnings ratio.

At least 19 analysts on Peloton’s stock raised their price targets after the report, according to Factset. Of the 26 analysts tracked by Factset covering Peloton’s stock, 23 have bought ratings, two have ratings, and one has a sales rating. The listed average price target is $ 110.08.

According to financial data and analytics company S3 Partners, Peloton had the least interest in domestic leisure products sector stocks with 492 million as of Sept. 10. Shorts had a low of 57 75,575 million in mark-to-market losses so far this year, the financial total.

Piloton’s shares have rallied more than 200% so far in 2020 as the S&P 500 SPX.
+ 0.38%