PGA TOUR statement about the COVID-19 tests in the Travelers Championship

PGA TOUR statement

We have been working since March to develop a comprehensive health and safety plan that is considered a best practice among professional sports leagues. While we’ve been painstaking in building and implementing a program that mitigates as much risk as possible, we knew it would be impossible to eliminate all risk, as evidenced by this week’s three positive tests.

We need to use these developments as a clear reminder to everyone involved as we continue to learn from an operational standpoint; We are making various adjustments to our health and safety plan, as outlined in the memorandum sent out to players this morning, and we will continually reinforce all players, caddies, staff members, and property support personnel at PGA events. TOUR to meet social distancing. and other security protocols that further minimize risk.

Positive cases of COVID-19 with complete arrival tests (2,757 total tournament tests in the market for three weeks; 7 positive):

This week: Travelers Championship
• Cameron Champ (PGA TOUR player)
• Ken Comboy (caddy of Graeme McDowell)
• Ricky Elliott (Brooks Koepka’s caddy)

Utah Championship
• No positives

Summary of field trips from the Travelers Championship (chronological order):

Cameron Champ
• Withdrew after testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.
• “I feel very good physically and obviously was surprised and disappointed to know the result of the test,” said Champ. “It is important now to take the necessary steps and measures to protect others, including my loved ones.”

Graeme McDowell
• He withdrew as a precaution after his caddy, Ken Comboy, tested positive for COVID-19.
• “When I look at the last four or five days, I have also experienced some fatigue and muscle pain,” McDowell said. “I didn’t think it was related to COVID, but rather the effect of being back on the road, back to practicing, playing again, and being a little tired after a few months off. But now that Kenny has tested positive, and We have spent a lot of time together the last 10 days, I have to take those symptoms more seriously, that’s why I am retiring this week, I want to do what is responsible.
“I have had two negative tests this week, Monday and Wednesday, but if there is any chance that I may have it, I am not willing to risk the possibility that I may pass it to someone else this week in Hartford.” I decided to drive back to Orlando today, instead of flying and those risks too. I’m going to take the scenic route down the east coast of the US. USA For 17 hours and I will increase my knowledge of American geography a little bit. ”

Brooks Koepka
• He withdrew as a precaution after his caddy, Ricky Elliott, tested positive for COVID-19.
• “I have not tested positive for COVID-19, but as I have said all along, I am taking it very seriously,” said Brooks Koepka. “I don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the health of any player on the field or their ability to compete. Anyway, I was planning to take the next two weeks off, so the right thing to do is get home, support Ricky and feel confident that I am doing what I can to protect my fellow TOUR members, my friends from the PGA TOUR and everyone associated with the Travelers Championship this week. “

Webb Simpson
• Withdrew from an abundance of caution; It has been tested twice and not tested positive for COVID-19 this week.
• “In the last 24 hours, a member of my family tested positive for COVID-19,” said Simpson. “Although my exams this week were negative, I feel it is my responsibility to take care of my family and protect my teammates on the field when I retire from the Travelers Championship. I will return home to Charlotte and be quarantined under CDC guidelines, and I hope to return to the competition after that period of time. ”

Chase Koepka
• Withdrew from an abundance of caution; Neither he nor his caddy, Dan Gambil, tested positive for COVID-19, but they played a practice round with McDowell (positive caddy) and Brooks Koepka (positive caddy).
• “Despite being very excited about playing the Travelers Championship, I choose to retire,” said Koepka. “My team and I have had negative results for COVID-19; however, I was in close contact with someone who tested positive. I feel this is the best decision to keep all the other players, caddies and volunteers safe. I wish you all the best of luck this week. ”