Pep Guardiola sends a reminder of Man City to Liverpool FC after the Premier League title

Pep Guardiola noted the number of trophies his Manchester City players won when asked about their motivation and hunger to topple Liverpool.

Thursday’s loss to Chelsea confirmed that the Blues have been dethroned as Premier League champions after becoming the first team in a decade to win consecutive titles, with the gap in points between the sides suggesting that the team of Jurgen Klopp is very much on the team. ancestry.

Guardiola had indicated that Liverpool perhaps had more passion for the league title as they pursued their first title in 30 years, proving to be stronger than expected and setting a pace that champions were unable to match once they suffered the first setbacks.

However, the head of the City defended his players as they plan to improve and challenge again for the next season and took out their extraordinary national record from the start of the 2017 season that saw them go more than two years without any team claiming a great english honor.

“I don’t know Liverpool’s passion, I suppose. I imagine what happens when you are three zero years without winning the Premier League, after winning the Champions League you are focused,” he said.

“But a team that wins eight titles out of the last 10 is passionate about every competition. It is very difficult to do what we have done in the most difficult league in the world, but you cannot win all the time.”

“We came in after four titles maybe thinking we have more time, but remember the way we lost points in the second game of the league against Tottenham. There were many, many, many things at the beginning when we lost points when it was a little complicated , and Liverpool was not wrong.

“It wasn’t the perfect season for us after what happened in the previous two seasons, but there are teams that are worse than us and a team was exceptional. We can say learn from them and congratulate them, but this team has the desire to keep otherwise it would not be possible to do what we have done in previous seasons. “

Guardiola also reiterated plans to lead the City challenge next season.

The manager is regularly linked to Etihad despite a contract valid until 2021, but although he was reluctant to talk about events too far in the future, he spoke about his intention for the next campaign.

“I’m incredibly excited for this part of the season and the next, and we’ll see later,” he said. “I am incredibly pleased to be at this club and I try to do my best, and I don’t want to think too far, I just think about the short time. Now is Sunday.”

“I want the players to recover because the last 15-20 minutes were very demanding, 10 against 11. We have a difficult game against Newcastle and that is what I have to focus on.”