People with blood type O may have a lower risk of COVID-19 infection

According to two studies published on Wednesday, people of O blood type are less likely to develop Covid-19 or have severe symptoms related to the disease.

First, Danish researchers analyzed a sample of 7,422 people who tested positive for the virus and found that only 38 percent had O blood type, according to research published in the journal Blood Advances.

Meanwhile, 44 percent of people with type A blood transmitted the deadly bug.

In another study, published in the same journal, Canadian researchers found that critically ill COVID-19 patients had blood type O or B, with an intermediate intensive care unit lasting 9 days. In contrast, people with A or AB blood stayed 13.5 days.

Researchers also found that critically ill patients with type 1 or blood type had to be fitted with a ventilator – significantly less than the 84% of people with type A or AB blood who needed breathing machines.

The reason may be that people with O blood type are less likely to have clotting problems, which is linked to the severity of COVD-19, Canadian study author physician Mipinder Sekhon told CNN.

But researchers say more research is needed.

“I do not think so [the findings] Take into account other serious risk factors such as age and co-disability, ”Sekhon said.

“You don’t have to panic if you have a blood type. And if you’re a blood group O, you’re not free to go to pubs and bars. “