Pence rips apart House Democrats over Barr’s hearing: “They wanted to be heard more than they wanted to hear”

Vice President Mike Pence strongly criticized Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday after they devoted themselves to often heated questions and comments directed at Attorney General William Barr.

Pence told “The Story” host Martha MacCallum that the majority of the panel, chaired by President Jerrold Nadler, DN.Y., “wanted to be heard more than it wanted to hear.”

“Bill Barr leads the Department of Justice in this country with great integrity and brings a lifetime commitment to the rule of law,” said the vice president. “But to see it today, in what little I could see, it was clear that Democrats wanted to hear themselves speak more than they wanted to hear from the United States Attorney General.”

Pence specifically voiced Nadler’s claim during the hearing that the Federal Protective Service sent agents to Portland, Oregon, to quell the violent unrest because “the President wants images for his campaign ads.”

Since July 1, the vice president said, the Department of Homeland Security has reported that 188 federal protesters have been injured by protesters, who have used kerosene, rocks, explosives and lasers to cause physical harm to those officers.

“President Trump has made it clear that we will have law and order on our streets,” said Pence. “With [presumptive Democratic nominee] Joe Biden and the radical Democrats want to remove the police. We are going to finance law enforcement [and] we’re going to uphold law and order and that starts in Portland. “

He also responded to Representative Greg Stanton, a Democrat from Arizona, after the Phoenix legislator alleged during the hearing that Barr and Trump are fabricating and promoting “false conspiracy theories” about large-scale mail-voting traps.

“The integrity of voting is paramount … the right to vote is at the heart of this democracy, and absentee voting is a traditional tradition,” Pence told MacCallum. “But what you see in this country, in the Democratic-led states, is an effort for universal distribution of ballots without the responsibility you have for absentee voting. And when you combine that with states like California that really allow for called vote grouping or vote collecting, you see where all the widespread fraud capacity is very real.

“[Y]You will continue to hear from this administration the commitment to protect the integrity of ‘one person, one vote’ of our electoral system … “


Turning to the question of whether schools should reopen for face-to-face instruction this fall, Pence said it was important for the United States to move in a “measured way”, respecting the fact that face-to-face learning is crucial to a child’s education. boy.

“Martha, I am married to a school teacher and she is preparing to return to the classroom this fall,” said the vice president. “We have to take our children back to school. There will be some states, and we will follow the data from the White House coronavirus task force, county by county and city by city, there will be some areas that will want to move in a more measured and we will respect governors and states as they make those decisions.

“[The] The CDC released a guide last week that recommended bringing our children to financial well-being and their health and well-being back to the classroom. We know that the risk of coronavirus for healthy children is very low. We know there are real costs. [to] disrupting education for children with special needs and disrupting nutrition. The reality is that our children will be better at school. “