Pelosi says he will seek a second term if the Democrats hold a majority

Rancey of California. Nancy Pelosi Told CNN in an interview on Sunday If Democrats retain a majority in the lower house of Congress, they will seek a second term as House Speaker.

They recaptured the House after Democrats recently elected Pelosi to the role in January 2019. Pelosi was sworn in as House Speaker eight years after leaving office. To date, Pelosi is the only woman to serve in this role.

Jack Tapper, host of CNN’s “State the Union,” also asked what he had to say about President Donald Trump’s claim in the debate on Thursday night that the Republicans would take back the House.

Pelosi said, “You keep thinking like that, Mr. President, you just keep thinking like that.” “It’s another example of a misleading statement out there.”

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Pelosi also cited Democrats’ efforts to regain control of the Senate after gaining a Republican majority in 2014.

Pelosi is also at the forefront of Democrats’ negotiations with the White House over a coronavirus relief package. Last week, she set a 48-hour deadline for negotiators to agree on a plan and said she was “optimistic” about her vision.

But the start-up spending – more than 8 1.8 trillion – seems too small for Senate Republicans, who must also sign any deal. Last week, Trump said he “sees no way” to negotiating ahead of election day.