Pelicans and Jazz discuss a plan to kneel around the Black Lives Matter sign during the anthem

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz are discussing a plan to surround the Black Lives Matter signage on the Wide World of Sports arena and kneel together during the performance of the national anthem on Thursday, sources said. of the league. ESPN

The game is the first of the NBA restart.

Instead of two groups protesting separately, the Pelicans and the Jazz insist that they want to show a united front, the sources said. Coaches are expected to join players at the rally.

League officials are not expected to enforce a 1981 hymn policy that “players, coaches and coaches must stand and line up in dignified posture along the sideline or on the foul line.”

Even before traveling to Orlando, Florida, the players insisted that they did not want to play games to distract themselves from the fight for social justice that has grown stronger following the death of George Floyd. Floyd, a black man, was killed after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than seven minutes.

Since their arrival in the “bubble,” players have used the availability of virtual media to demand justice for victims of police brutality and racism and to encourage fans to vote.

Other teams are also expected to protest during the hymn performance.