PayPal is hiring crypto engineers amid Bitcoin integration rumors

PayPal is hiring crypto and blockchain experts amid rumors that the global payment platform will allow direct cryptocurrency purchases for its 305 million users. The job descriptions for which you are hired are publicly available on the company’s own job board.

The first list of notes is for a paper titled “Technical Leader – Encryption Engineer”. The list outlines that this person will be responsible for “new initiatives for PayPal global with a focus on agility, time to market and innovation.” The role includes designing, developing and maintaining key cryptographic products / features aimed at the availability, performance and scalability of PayPal’s services. “

The second list worth mentioning is for a blockchain research engineer to work within the company’s research group: “A newly formed group within the Strategic Technology Enablement team was tasked with establishing expertise and opinions on emerging blockchain technologies and its possible uses within PayPal “.

These job listings remain live as the crypto community buzzes over the collection of recent rumors that PayPal will formally throw its hat into the cryptocurrency ring. The job requirements require a number of skills that overlap with the development of Bitcoin (BTC), such as experience with C ++, asymmetric cryptography, and crypto libraries.

In its latest 10K submission, PayPal lists possible rapid developments in blockchain and virtual currencies as a possible risk factor that can negatively affect the company. The company may have decided to preemptively attack these potential risks.