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Hi guys, welcome back to our new blog about the new gaming app. I hope they have all been looted from the previous game app, which are more popular like Qureka Pro, MPL Pro. But now there is so much superior competition and you need to play as a professional player to win in this game app. However, today we solve your problem because in this blog we will inform you about the new games application. Owlizz Pro Apk. They will also become the most popular gaming app in the future like MPL because they have too many features and offers. It also has more unique features than other gaming apps. And this is a new destination to grab free cash from Paytm playing the game in the Owlizz pro app.

Owlizz Pro Referral Code By launching the offer, they get lots of offers like sign up bonus, Recommend and Win, Free Rewards and many more.

So don’t miss the opportunity and download the Owlizz Pro APK and Register for our Owlizz Pro LGT61834 Reference Code a Get $ 10 Free Cash Paytm instantly. Not only this, you will also earn money by referring your friends to the Owlizz app. You’ll get £ 10 in free Paytm cash on each Referral. And the interesting thing is that you can withdraw your Bonus when registering as much as referral bonus at Owlizz Apk.

Download the app now and start recommending your friend to get their free Paytm cash as soon as possible. You can also win by playing the game in the Owlizz Pro app.

What is it Owlizz Pro?

Owlizz Pro is a mobile gaming application that is similar to Owlizz except that it is played for real money. Here is a fair chance with a high probability of winning in the game. Owlizz Pro offers great winnings with a higher probability of winning for a user than any other APP or GAME in the world.
Owlizz Pro was based on the idea that people should have a platform that gives them a genuine opportunity to use their general knowledge and win. Now people will have the option to use their knowledge to win every day and every minute. There are different types of games available in the owlizz app.

Owlizz Pro Special Features

  • Good interface and easy to play in Owlizz app
  • New application and low competition, easy to win.
  • Get $ 10 cash from Paytm free by registering with our Owlizz Pro Referral Code LGT61834
  • Win $ 10 free Paytm cash on each successful referral.
  • You can Withdraw your registration bonus and referral bonus in the paytm wallet.
  • All kinds of games are available through which you can gain knowledge with money

How to register and obtain ₹ 10 In Owlizz Pro?

  • 3) Now, first click on ‘Do you have a referral code? ‘option. (before entering the mobile)
  • 4) Then enter the reference code

Owlizz Pro Referral CodeLGT61834

(You must enter the reference code for the registration voucher)

  • 5) Also, now enter your mobile phone number.
  • 6) Now, verify your mobile number with OTP and continue.
  • 7) Then enter your name and details.
  • 8) Congratulations! You will receive your ₹ 10 registration bonus instantly.
  • 9) Finally play with your bonus or you can redeem it in your Paytm account.
  • 10) Now play with your registration bonus to win more.

How to play in Owlizz Pro?

There are two simple steps to play in the owlizz Pro app. But you must first login or register in the Owlizz app. The interesting thing is that you can play in the Owlizz application and buy your aur bonus by adding the money in the wallet. By playing in Owlizz apk you can gain knowledge with Paytm cash. So don’t waste your time and start playing now.

  • 1 First Select the game where you want to play from the board.
  • 2) now choose the money, for which you want to play. By playing with more money you can earn more by winning.
  • 3) Click Play a game button to start your game.
  • 4) Now play your game and score better because your rank depends on your reach.
  • 5) Your winning amount will be credit instantly after the end of the game.

How to refer and win in Owlizz Apk?

You can and a lot more free money get Paytm cash by referring your friend in the Owlizz Pro app. You can earn $ 10 in free Paytm cash with every referral. What’s interesting is that you can extract your referral income directly into your Paytm account.

  • 1) First of all Go to Profile Application dashboard icon.
  • 2) Here you will find your reference code.
  • 3) Share your different code with your friend and family.
  • 4) Earn $ 10 in free Paytm cash every time your friend downloads and Sign up through their Owlizz Referral Code.
  • 5) You can withdraw or play with your bonus.

How to withdraw your money at Owlizz?

1) First click wallet icon from the dashboard.

2) Now go to Redeem Cash option.

3) Enter your quantity and your Paytm number to proceed with the withdrawal.

4) Your money will be credited to your Paytm wallet in 2 days.


So finally the boys play in the new Owlizz games app apk and now they get their free Paytm cash. You can also recommend your friend to earn a free reward and cash Paytm. These are new gaming apps and there is little competition and chances are you will have to win. Download the Owlizz Pro app and register through our referral code to earn much more money.