Over the Moon trailer: Netflix’s new animated movie is a wild space adventure

Netflix continues to shake up the animation landscape with original feature films. The last December Klaus, of My favorite villain Creator Sergio Pablos, got an Oscar nomination. At the beginning of this year, The Willoughbys, a quirky children’s story adapted from a Lois Lowry book, hit the streaming platform.

The next Netflix movie comes from the acclaimed Glen Keane (a character animator in The little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Tangled up, to name a few) and the Pearl Studios of China. Entitled On the moon, the film follows a girl in China determined to demonstrate the existence of the legendary Moon Goddess.

As the trailer progresses, the CG animation is intertwined with 2D watercolor images as it tells the story, it is evident that the girl sees the Moon Goddess as a substitute for her deceased mother, so her mission is to demonstrate that the beautiful woman in heaven is real all the more sincere

If you’ve made about 95% of the way through the breakthrough and, like me, you thought to yourself, “Wow, this looks like a beautiful and moving film paired with a culturally relevant mourning allegory, I’m definitely sold out” and I’m about to click outside the tab, see the last remaining moments. While the entire magical and spatial adventure seems like it could be a metaphor, those last moments reveal a vibrant and beautiful space world. How did she get there? Who is the moon goddess? And how the hell is he going to come home?

On the moon comes to Netflix this fall.