Over 15 great activity books for kids to inspire indoor fun (and learning)


As it seems that the amount of time families will be spending indoors can extend beyond spring and possibly into summer, parents can look for simple and easy ways to keep their children educated and entertained. For those parents, you’re in luck! Book Riot is here to introduce you to several kids activity books that will keep them learning and playing for hours. Among the books on our list, you’ll find activity books for kids who enjoy cooking, activity books for kids with a passion for travel, and many activity books for science-loving kids.

Unfortunately, you will also find a lack of diversity in this book list because even when it comes to publishing activity books, everything turns white and masculine or is produced by a company, which is probably also mainly white and masculine. In the future, we hope that publishing companies will look for more color authors to create activity books, because they are a great way to introduce children to different cultures and people from different backgrounds in a fun and engaging way. Despite the lack of diversity on our list, we think you will find an activity book (or maybe some) that your children are sure to enjoy. Thanks for coming to my TED talk! Now let’s move on to books!

General activity books for children

Featured Jumbo Pad from Picture PuzzlesJumbo Pad by Picture Puzzles by featured

Nobody does puzzles like Highlights! With the Jumbo Pad of Picture Puzzles, kids will enjoy over 125 of the best Highlight puzzles and activities including Hidden Pictures, What’s Wrong, Spot the Differences and more. This jumbo pad is sure to entertain, delight, and challenge any child as he expands his mind and discovers new strengths and abilities.

The awesome kids activity book: games! Puzzle! Mazes! And more! by Mike Lowery

Based on the Awesome Kids Activity Calendar and by the author and illustrator of the Doodle Adventures series, The awesome children’s activity book It is packed with nearly 100 games, notices, and crafts along with hundreds of stickers that invite kids to design, draw, and discover. In this book, children will find many activities that encourage their creativity. They can decode the message of a mummy in an ancient cave, find their way through a hive maze, write a song for a Catholic rock band, or design a spaceship.

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Fashion Topics Activity Books

This set of activity books features topics like monsters, space, animals, and cars. Each activity notebook is filled with coloring pages, puzzles, and word games that will keep children entertained for hours.

Undrilled Activity Kits

These activity kits bring the popular Without drilling books for life with smart activities for children that will boost their creativity at full speed. The set of three includes Unbored Time Capsule, Unbored Disguises and Unbored Carnival. The Time Capsule Kit allows children to store stories and trinkets to rediscover in the future. The Costume Kit allows children to create silly characters. With the Carnival kit, children can organize a competition full of events and fun that the whole family will enjoy.

Activity books for kids who love science

Ada spins the big project book for star scientists Book CoverAda Twist’s Big Project Book for Star Scientists by Andrea Beaty (Author) and David Roberts (Illustrator)

For kids who constantly ask questions because their favorite word is “why” comes the activity book with the beloved character from the best-selling picture book Ada Twist, Scientist with more than 40 things to discover, draw and create. This activity book contains many kid-friendly projects that explore Ada’s favorite science subjects.

Destroy this book in the name of science! Brainiac Edition by Mike Barfield

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to destroy this book … in the name of science, of course. This activity book combines fun and learning with a combination of fascinating information, art projects, and cool experiments that will inspire any young science enthusiast.

STEM activity book: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics: full of activities and facts by Catherine Bruzzone (Author), Sam Hutchinson (Author), Jenny Jacoby (Author) and Vicky Barker (Illustrator)

The purpose of the STEM Activity Book is to spark children’s interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Mazes, puzzles, quizzes, and other activities are used to introduce children to these subjects, show the importance of these subjects, and encourage interested children to continue within these fields as they grow. For specific STEM activities, there are also STEM Kids Activity Books for Beginners in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathsand even Art for the STEAM crowd!

Activity books for travel-loving kids

The 50 States Activity Book Book Cover50 State Activity Book by Gabrielle Balkan (Author) and Sol Linero (Illustrator)

Take a trip across the United States with this fun, data-packed activity book, without having to deal with luggage, traffic, or the TSA. Inside 50 State Activity Book, there are state curiosities, puzzles, a fold-out map and many stickers.

Find Tom in time: Ancient Egypt by Fatti Burke (Illustrator)

In this first book in the Find Tom in Time series, Tom not only gets lost in time, but he also lost his Digby cat! Can you find them in this colorful interactive book full of beautiful, detailed illustrations and fascinating facts about ancient Egypt? Along with Egypt, children can also travel to ancient Rome or the Ming China dynasty to find Tom and Digby.

Activity book on the plane by Heather Alexander (Author) and Putri Febriana (Illustrator)

This activity book includes puzzles, planes that are ready and waiting to be decorated, mazes, contests, games and lots of facts and curiosities about flying and planes that will make children fly fun.

Artistic Kids Activity Books

Blank comic book How to level up the book 1Blank Comic Book: A Level 1 Instructions Series / / Blank Comic Book: A Level 2 Instructions Series by Brighter Child

the Blank comic Features over 100 pages of classic comic book panels along with an introduction by professional comic artist Joshua Janes and 40 classic comic book stickers for future comic book creators to write and draw their own adventures. Children will also discover tips, tricks, and techniques for creating attractive characters, drawing striking illustrations, and developing sensational stories.

Doodle town by Dominika Lipniewska

Doodle Town is an entertaining introduction to imaginative drawing with over 60 activities along with removable template sheets. With just a pencil (or crayon) and creativity, any child can transform an image into a whimsical world with drawings and doodles.

Stickyscapes in the museum by Laura Junger (Illustrator)

This one-of-a-kind book includes a huge double-sided panoramic scene and over 100 stickers that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind museum. One side of the dropdown shows a busy museum during the day. There are priceless artifacts, dinosaur skeletons and some very boring security guards. The other side shows the museum at night when the dinosaurs roam free, the knights prepare for battle, and the paintings jump out of their frames!

Activity books for little foodies

Kid Chef Junior Book CoverKid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook by Anjali Shah

If your child can’t get enough of MasterChef Junior (or just curious to know what’s going on in the kitchen), then this book is for them! Kid Chef Junior Not your typical activity book, but it’s packed with creative and fun recipes along with lots of age-appropriate tips that will help chefs develop essential cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Playing with food: an activity book by Louise Lockhart

Playing with food It is an activity book that invites children to play with food. With Lockhart’s vibrant and colorful illustrations, foodies can get involved in all aspects of food, from growing and preparing to cooking and presentation without creating a major mess. They can decorate the birthday cake of their dreams, plan a coffee menu, or fill the kitchen shelves to the brim. The book also includes simple recipes for kids and craft ideas, like making a chef’s hat.

Activity books inspired by children’s books

The Captain Underpants Extra Crunchy Book O Fun Book CoverThe Captain Underpants Extra-Crunchy Book O ’Fun by Dav Pilkey

George and Harold are back for more adventure, fun and games with their superhero, Captain Underpants! Join them as they prank their clueless director, Mr. Krupp, and help them out of some “puzzle” situations. Kids can also create their own Captain Underpants Flip-O-Rama comic!

Diary of a weakling boy Mad Libs by Mad Libs

Children who can’t get enough Diary of a weakling child Book series can use their own creative imaginations to write hilarious new stories starring Greg, Rowley, Manny, and the rest of the Wimpy Kid gang.

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