Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week! Should be expected here.

Texas In this combination of four shots taken by astrophotographer Sergio Garcia Riley in October 2017, the Orionid Meteors pass through the starry sky over the Big Band National Park in Texas. (Image credit: Sergio Garcia Reel)

This past summer night, immediately after sunset, many people gathered in the trivial-league grounds away from my house, eagerly awaiting the nightfall and the appearance of the stars. We also gathered there because the light was not too much in the direction of pollution and we got a clear and blocked view towards the northwest. As the sky darkened, we could finally see it: a comet needed, showing a beautiful, curved tail.

“No bad performance, considering we’re looking for a cosmic trash can,” I told the comet’s geysers. “Indeed, what we’re looking for is a piece of debris in space; think of that beautiful tail as ‘cosmic debris’; a few pieces of dust and gravel left behind by NEOWISE, tangling all the solar system.”