OnePlus ‘Nord’ could be the name of the long-rumored budget phone

The name “Nord” seems to be associated with an upcoming OnePlus product, probably the rumored mid-range phone we’ve heard so much about recently. A post deleted from the company’s “onepluslitezthing” Instagram account included an image with the names “Nord” and “OnePlus Nord”, with text saying it was “almost ready for launch.”

A mid-range OnePlus device is rumored even before the 8 series landed. We’ve seen spec rumors and a name change already. OnePlus has even mocked the speculated names Lite and Z that were previously attributed to her in rumors with the name of her new Instagram account. More recently, OnePlus has indirectly started teasing the product, a practice the company is frustratingly well-known for now.

A crop of the deleted image. See the capital “NORD” in the image behind the card.

Although we can’t actually read all of the text on the card in front of the image above, behind it, the word “NORD” is clearly visible in a repetitive stylized pattern. We can also just barely Distinguish what “OnePlus Nord” looks like in the first paragraph, and a #OnePlusNord hashtag in the second paragraph, though it’s pretty fuzzy.

AP’s Taylor Kerns was able to decipher more of the text than even my eyes could see:

Your initial support for OnePlus Nord means a lot to our team. As a thank you for being one of our first 100 customers, we would like to reward you with some exclusive Nord products. We hope you like it … (The rest of the paragraph is indecipherable).

And in case you feel the need to show your new gifts on social media (?), Don’t forget to tag us with #OnePlusNord.

Thanks for going (?) On the journey with us and welcome to the community.

Additionally, OnePlus has registered both “OnePlus Nord” and “Nord by OnePlus” here in the United States. While the name “Nord” could be associated with some other product, the context of recent events indicates that it will be associated with the next mid-range phone. However, he is still out of left field.

The text included in the original Instagram post is right below:

“Here we are, looking fresh the first day we open the doors to our new project. In the past few months, our team has grown, the ideas have come true, and we are now almost ready for launch.” He will look much more tired in the coming weeks, who knows, maybe we will take a shot before and after once everything is said and done. Looking back, we can’t help but remember in the past six months or so, “We’d be lying if we said the journey was easy, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. We love what we do.”

A screenshot of the deleted Instagram post. Image via @ianpratik.

There is still some disagreement regarding the specifications for the next device. We are not sure if it will use a MediaTek Dimensity chipset or Snapdragon 765, although the latest leaks indicate the latter. Either way, it will have an integrated 5G chipset.

Given that OnePlus is posting things about the upcoming phone, and given the company’s previous marketing timeline regarding this kind of teasing, I hope it will be released sometime next month. But based on details already released by the company, it may not make it to the US. USA At launch, and Europe and India will take precedence for this launch.