One of the last remaining secrets of the iPhone 12 has just leaked: BGR

  • The iPhone 12 release date is several months away, and the coronavirus pandemic could further complicate Apple’s launch plans.
  • But a new leak has revealed a new detail about the upcoming phones, and it was one of the last remaining secrets of the iPhone 12.
  • Apple’s new iPhone 12 series is said to ship with a 20W USB-C power adapter that will be even faster than iPhone 11 chargers.

If there’s one Android feature I’ve always envied, it’s support for significantly faster charging than the iPhone has. It has nothing to do with Android, of course. Any smartphone manufacturer could increase charging speeds on their devices, even Apple. But it’s Android providers that have pushed cable upload rates in recent years. The fastest technology available comes from Chinese phone maker Oppo, which uses 65W chargers in some of its devices. Others have been developing technology to charge phones with 100W or 120W chargers, but we have no commercial solutions for that.

As much as I would like a quick charge like that on iPhone, I’ve already explained why it can really harm the iPhone experience. That added power impairs the longevity of the battery, degrading its capacity faster than slower charging speeds. IPhones stay in circulation much longer than androids, and battery condition is of utmost importance to Apple, especially after the CPU acceleration controversy related to battery life a few years back. With that in mind, the iPhone 12 series is rumored to support even faster charging than iPhone 11 models. But don’t expect Oppo-like charging speeds.

All iPhone 11 models support 18W cable charging, though only the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Plus ship with the proper chargers in the box. The cheapest iPhone 11 comes with the same 5W charger that Apple has always used for iPhones.

A loser named Mr white On Twitter, he posted the following images showing a 20W power adapter that is supposedly made for the iPhone 12:

The charger has a transparent case with no visible marks associated with Apple. But the same person followed up with an image showing the actual charger that will ship with the iPhones:

The power adapter appears to have all the necessary markings, including a crossed out serial number. This is a USB-C charger, just like the 18W version. That said, we have no way of confirming it at the moment, so treat it like a rumor.

A report a few months ago stated that Apple will use GaN chargers for the iPhone 12, which would support higher power and faster charging speeds. Not to mention, GaN power adapters are more compact than traditional ones.

Whether the product is real or not, we expect iPhone 12 Pro models to ship with at least 18W chargers. The cheaper versions of iPhone 12 may not get them, so you’ll have to buy yours. But all versions of iPhone 12 will likely support the same maximum charging speeds, either 18W or 20W.

If you already have USB-C power adapters that support speeds above 20W, they can also recharge your iPhone as long as you have a USB-C to Lightning cable handy.

All four iPhone 12 models are also expected to offer decent battery life, given what Apple did with the iPhone 11 series. The phones will be unveiled this fall, though the COVID-19 pandemic could alter the original launch plans. from Apple. Some devices may hit stores in time in September, but the release date for others may be delayed later this fall.

Separately, other rumors say iPhone 12 phones will not come with wired EarPods in the box this year. Apple is allegedly powering its AirPods wireless models as it prepares for an iPhone version that won’t have any ports.

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