Okay Samsung, we’ll take the Galaxy S21 + for $ 800

Whenever Samsung launches a new Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone, they run a pre-order period where they ask you to trade-in your current phone to get a new one. They usually offer values ​​for your business that are higher than usual to persuade you to a new hotness. It’s the best deal in a smartphone and it usually ends a few weeks after the new phone hits the market.

Except that hasn’t happened with the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung has allowed their ફ 700 launch f-launch deal to continue and we’ve been away from the Galaxy S21 for over a month now. Since tomorrow is Friday, I wonder if today is the last day, but there really is nothing to say.

Because time needs to be limited, here’s what you need to know. If you trade in any Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20 phone, Samsung will give you 700 dollars from Galaxy S21 phone. If you have any Galaxy S10 or Note 10 phones, they will give you a discount of 550 dollars. Solid Cache also includes iPhone and Google Pixel phones, but the best values ​​are in Samsung’s phones.

While the off 700 discount gives you a crazy deal, there is also an extra $ 100 discount on the Galaxy S21 +, up to a total of $ 800. With a ડ 800 off discount, the Galaxy S21 + can be yours today and you’ll only pay $ 199. At a discount of $ 700 for the S21 or S21 Ultra, you pay either 99 or 9499, respectively.

Hit the link below and go shopping.