Ohio State’s EJ Liddell responds to disgruntled fans after losing the NCAA Tournament

Ohio State forward EJ Liddell responded to a pair of angry fans who said he received threatening messages after being knocked out of the first round of bookies by the NCAA Tournament on Friday, writing in part on his Twitter account, “What did I do to keep this worthy human? Am. “

Liddell and the No. 2-seeded bookies fell to 75-72 in overtime, falling to No. 15 Oral Roberts in the first major upset of the tournament in two years.

After that, he shared screenshots of the messages as he said he received them from two disgruntled fans, one of whom threatened to search for him and physically assault him.

Another fan wrote to Liddell: “You’re such an insult. Never show your face in Ohio State. We hate you. I hope you die. I really will.”

Lidel wrote on Twitter, “I don’t get comments, but I want to know why.” “I’ve never done anything with anyone in my life to approach this way.

“This I’m not saying anything negative about Ohio State fans. I love you all so much and haven’t praised me since the first day I stepped on campus.”

Former bookies star Jared Sullinger was among those who threw their support behind Liddell and wrote that some people “don’t see you as a human being like entertainment.”

“You’re young or you’re a brother,” Sulinger wrote to Liddell. “Proud. Use these messages to increase your fire.”

Leaddale, a runner-up in the Bid Ten tournament, had 23 points and 14 rebounds, entering the first-round game on Friday as a 16-point favorite.