Ohio State vs. Nebraska Score, Takeoways: No. 5

No. 5 Ohio State is looking for a second Big Ten championship and a second-straight college football playoff appearance, pulling late in a 52-17 win over Nebraska. Although Ohio State leads after every quarter, it leads just 24-14 at halftime but managed to knock Nebraska out 28-3 in the second half.

The Cornhookers showed confidence in their ability to run the ball with Scott Frost’s plan ahead of dual-Darer quarterbacks Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey. Nebraska marched 75 yards in four plays for a game-opening touchdown drive that would take less than 2 minutes. Nebraska remained committed to that ground game, but Ohio State tightened during the four quarters, allowing only one touchdown the rest of the way and winning the second half with a pair of vague recaps.

The primary story of the win is a great start to 2020 from Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Add to the delay in the Heisman Trophy race, the fields were flawless. He completed 21 of 20 passes and two touchdowns for 276 yards, the only imperfection left in the final zone. He made the most connections with Garrett Wilson (seven catches, 129 yards, one touchdown) and Chris Olav (six catches, 104 yards), but the best highlight of the day was the toe-tapping touchdown of freshman Jackson Smith Nijiga.

Fields was also two yards shy of being the team’s leading runner-up with 54 yards on the team’s top-ranked 15 attempts, which is another point to talk about for the bookies coming out of the win. While the Ohio State coach has emphasized the importance of not relying on the fields in a rushing attack, he is pretty good off his feet to not be a factor. If the calls for the designed run are few, he can pick up the first descent when the plays break and extend his eyes from the downfield to the game with his legs and connect with the receivers on the move. In the previous run J.K. Attempts to change Dobbins’ contribution have been made by a committee with Master Tigu, the Oklahoma Transfer Train Train, and a committee of redshirt innovative steel chambers combining for 128 yards on 27 attempts.

But again, this is a loaded criticism because having a quarterback who just delivers every pass to the dime but can be free for touchdown from his foot is not a bad thing. Would Ohio State prefer a product with its running back? I’m sure. But no one complains about the talent of everything under center in Columbus, Ohio.

Note three more things about the game:

1. Nebraska’s defense looks very good

The Cornhauskars rewarded them all, especially the front, and the Ohio State ground game deserves some credit for making a little look from the sync in the opener here. Nebraska’s defense has been weak for some time, and its performance could be more than just more effort to face a top-ranked opponent. If Nebraska could get an infiltration and solidify against the run, it would be a nice compliment to a ground-heavy offensive attack and make the Hussars more dangerous in the Big Ten West.

2. The Martinez-McCafery pair will bring headaches

When Scott Frost launched this double-quarterback attack, while both were playing an active role in the run game, he sent a warning shot to every future opponent. Time for preparation and adjustment for opponents is limited, and now the defense will have a ton of thinking when No. 2 and No. 7 are on the field at the same time.

3. Educate Chris Olav on carbon dioxide

According to Fox’s broadcast, one of the reasons he turned his jersey number 2 into se fases was to become “CO2”. Why Again, according to the broadcast, Olave said he wants to be CO2 because “he’s ready to explode.” While we agree that it is one of the best comprehensive receivers in the country and is set for the breakout season, it is important to note that carbon dioxide is not flammable or combustible.

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