Ohio State Sugar Bowl Practice Observations, which are on the field

In addition to the normal bowling game situation during the Common Bowl Ledge football season, the Buckantus will have an army of media members at the venue ready to cover the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. This would mean face-to-face interviews (a concept that seems almost foreign at the moment to 2020) and Media Day that would have made every member of both Ohio State and Clemson available for interviews.

The media coverage contained in Bowl Week is getting to see some of the practice of both teams. While it’s usually about 15 minutes or so, and it’s usually a lot stretched and hot, it’s a bit more than you get in the regular season. It won’t happen this year, but thanks to our friends at the Sugar Bowl, we’ll get a small look inside the bookies ’practice this week.

The media was given a video Wednesday from the bookies’ practice. While it’s only 2:54 and more people are getting ready to practice than actually practice, we’ll take what we get. And in 2020, when the main concern is COVID-19 and who may or may not have tested positive for the virus and therefore is not available for the game, 2:54 there is plenty of time for those who watch closely.

I did exactly that (with some help from Dave Biddle), scanning through this video (sometimes going from frame to frame) to see which Scarlett and Gray players were on the field. This is something that readers eagerly want to know, so we’ve provided the full video below, as well as a list of the players and coaches we’ve seen and a few observations.

Players in practice:

It’s important to note that this short video may not show us all the players, so just because someone isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s not in the practice area.

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Think fast

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