Officials report 207 new COVID-19 cases, no deaths related to the virus

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Assistant City Manager and Interim Metro Health Director Dr. Colin Bridger and Becker County Judge Nelson Wolfe updated the community about the local response to COVID-19 in their daily briefing Thursday night.

Bridger reported a total of 19 COVID-cases and 1,232 deaths in Bexar County as of Thursday, including 207 new cases. No new deaths were reported today.

The 7-day moving average of the case is 168.

City officials also reported that 209 patients are hospitalized, 89 are in the intensive care unit and 42 are on ventilators. There are 9% staff beds available and 71% ventilators available.

Twenty-five of the 425 bars in Baxter County have indicated they are reopening under Judge Wolf’s order. Under the current order, according to the executive order, bar and similar organizations are allowed to provide at-site services up to “50% of the total listed indoor business of the establishment” in place services. Read more here on this executive order.

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