Obama: Trump’s lack of ‘patience’ and ‘attention’ hinders his foreign policy

Obama used Biden’s candidacy to reflect on his own presidency, using lengthy podcast interviews with two former allies, John Favreau and Tommy Vitor, and gave some advice to progressives in his party. But the most outspoken remarks in Obama’s 45-minute “Pod Save America” interview on Wednesday directed Trump.

“It’s not that Trump is as active internationally. I mean, the truth is that he doesn’t have the patience and is really focused on making a lot of changes in US foreign policy,” Obama added. Tried to break the policy framework. “

Obama argued that Biden would face him early in his presidency, should he be elected in November, saying his former vice president “has respect and understanding of what American leadership can do.”

After speaking at the Democratic National Convention and raising a number of funds for the party, Obama is likely to pull the trail of the campaign next week, according to Democratic Party officials, as he appears to be backing Biden in the final week of the election.

Obama also said he has seen Biden’s progress on foreign policy, noting that the former Delaware senator voted in 2002 to give power to the military in Iraq, a vote that became a flash point during the 2008 presidential primary. Learned “from them

“He was probably the person who had the most control over the use of military force among my senior advisers during my presidency,” Obama said. “They consistently believed that we should show restraint and humility and think through the use of military force and have great faith and confidence in the use of diplomacy as a strategy to show American leadership.”

Obama has criticized Trump for years, even though the president has repeatedly attacked the popular Democratic president, suggesting that Trump blame him for the conspiracy theories he ignored during his tenure. Although Obama has been working to help oust the Republican leader, the tide has turned.
Obama will hit the campaign trail for Biden in the final belt

Obama highlighted Trump’s tweet and suggested that he be convicted, pointing his condemnation at Republican lawmakers, who largely ignore the comments.

“Fellow Republicans pretend it doesn’t happen,” Obama laughs, saying Republicans often say they “didn’t read the tweet.”

“They dodge when reporters are asked about it,” he said. “The allegations are so absurd that even Republican-controlled committees investigated them.”

Obama said Trump’s focus on such conspiracies sheds light on “complete misinformation … and the rigid media infrastructure.”

“It’s a problem that Trump is going to get out of. Trump is a feature of it and an accelerator for it. But he didn’t create it,” Obama said, arguing the fact that the “fringe quen conspiracy theory” was gaining ground. The Republican Party’s “it should show” that there are no more guards in the media ecosystem.

Obama said he helps build the media ecosystem, Trump, noting that the former reality TV star said some compliments about him during his first year as president of the Trumps, when he learned from Fox News and other outlets that Rs. Were turned. . Obama said that leading Trump to push for the Bathur conspiracy theory is the realization that the former president was not born in the United States.

Obama concluded the interview with some uncontrollable advice for his party’s progressives, saying that while he believes the progressive party should continue to move forward, he should also understand that an additional change is better than a change.

“There is nothing wrong with raising a voice about it. And there is nothing wrong with considering the devotees,” he said. “I think my constant precaution for progressive people is to make sure, that you push for what you can get, at certain times you say: ‘OK. What do you know? Let’s do this and then Let’s fight the next day. ‘”

Obama compared it to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s push to pass Social Security and noted that the law was “beach head” but far from perfect.

Obama asked, “Shouldn’t the FDR pass Social Security” because it wasn’t perfect. “Of course not. It’s over and then you’ll fight the next fight.”

The two most notable people of progressive politics, Sens. Checked the names of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

“This is the place where sometimes I share with Bernie and Elizabeth somehow how we talk about this stuff in public,” Obama said. “Most of the time when I was president I was going to be something progressive, not so much because I was getting a special interest or a donation from a corporation. … it was because I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it.” T has no votes. “

He added: “When I look at my presidency, the real envelope, the limits of what I can do, how many votes I had in the House, how many votes in the Senate, I had to do.”