Nuggets vs. Jazz Score, Takeoways: Jamal Murray Scores 50 Again, Denver Game Wins 7

The Denver Nuggets are still alive. After going down 3-1 in their first round series to the Uta Jazz, they have now won two straight to make the series 3-3 nice and push to Game 7. They came back from an early double-digit loss to take the game. 6 Sunday night, 119-107.

Jamal Murray made his way back to the Nuggets, finishing his third straight game with at least 40 points with 50 points, five rebounds and six assists. He is the first player to make the playoffs since Alan Everson in 2001. Nicola Jokic went for 22 points and nine assists, while Jeremy Grant hit four 3-pointers on the way to Chipping in 18 points.

Speaking of Utah, he was once again led by Donovan Mitchell, who himself made another big game, for 44 points, six rebounds and five assists. He didn’t get much help, however, Mike Conley is the only other Utah player to score more than 20 points. Now, they have to rearrange and get ready for Game 7.

Here are some key tips from this game:

We are going to Game 7 baby

The Nuggets are still alive, and they’re moving on to another Game 7. They played in Game 7 of last season, winning one in the first round against the Spurs, the Trail Blazers before losing one in the second round. That experience will be crucial when preparing for Tuesday night.

After winning Game 1 in a thrilling fashion, the Nuggets lost three straight games, and were preparing to exit the playoffs early. Since then, however, Jamal Murray has put him on his back, his defense has moved a little faster and they have won two straight wins to continue their season.

Suddenly, it seems that Denver has all the momentum. They have only eliminated twice, but they have both come back from double-digit losses. The Jazz should be kept close enough to advance to the second round, only to fail to keep the Nuggets away.

Whatever happens in Game 7 is sure to be fun if there is any hint in the rest of the series.

Murray can’t be stopped

Jamal Murray Vs. Donovan Mitchell, all of the series has been long, and both young stars were toe-to-toe in Game 6 again, with Murray winning once again in his personal matchup and in terms of final score. . And that’s why Mitchell put up 44 points, six rebounds and five assists, which shows just how much dynamite Murray had on Sunday.

He dropped his third straight game with 50 points, five rebounds and six assists and at least 40 points for his second 50-point game of the series. That performance matched his career, with Mitchell, Michael Jordan and Alan Iverson playing multiple-0-points in a series, and he became the first player since Iverson to make three in 2001. Straight 40-pointers.

Even more impressive is that Murray pulled him down once more to make sure the Nuggets won. Who will get him a bucket in crunch time has been a question surrounding this team for a few seasons, and Murray has made it clear in the last few weeks that he is a man.

He scored 21 of the Nuggets ’31 points in the fourth, including a 12 at the straight end of the quarter, to push what a seven-point lead to 14 and effectively end the game. He then scored 16 points in the fourth quarter of Game 5, and 20 points in the fourth quarter, and overtime in Game 1. He’s not afraid of the moment, and keeps coming forward for Denver. There is no doubt that they would have just sat at home without his bravery.

After the final buzzer, he gave another memorable and dynamic moment during his postgame interview. Struggling to find words to explain his play, he glanced at his shoes, which showed the faces of two victims of police violence, George Floyd and Brenna Taylor, “These shoes give me life. Even though these people are gone, they give me Life, help me to have the strength to fight in this world. “

Murray’s performance, of course, comes after an immediate strike by players earlier this week that police found in response to the shooting of yet another black man, Jacob Black, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Harris returns, impacting the defensive end

Gary Harris had a somewhat disappointing season, but he is still an important part of the Nuggets rotation and his absence was evident in the first five games of his series, especially on the defensive end. But on Sunday night, he returned to his long-awaited hip injury, claiming for the first time since closing in March.

He finished in 20 minutes with four points and three rebounds, which aren’t exactly eye-popping numbers, but what fits into that description: In Harris’ two stents on the floor, Jazz shot 12 of 31 from the field, and turned the ball six times. Harris was on the floor in 28 minutes, Utah was 22 out of 44 and had four turnovers. That’s the big difference!

Now, one of his factors was playing those few minutes off when Mitchell was off the floor for the Jazz, but also the key in limiting Harris Jordan Clarkson to 11 of 14 points from the field. Utah’s sixth man in the series has been an important part of his success, and the Jazz lost his scoring boost from this bench.