“Novak Djokovic is the only one who needs to apologize” – Manager of Dominic Thiem at Adria Tour Fiasco

After the Adria Tour, Novak Djokovic has received hostile comments from many people. Now it is Dominic Thiem manager Herwig Straka who has put all the responsibility at No. 1 in the world for the Adria Tour fiasco.

Due to the Adria Tour, four players obtained the Coronavirus. And Thiem’s ​​test came out negative. Thiem was present only in the first leg in Belgrade that he won.

Dominic Thiem and Herwig Straka

Straka immediately blamed Djokovic. ATP cannot do anything about it. The tournament was represented as a charity tour. But then it became an advertising show. Novak Djokovic was the organizer and host of the tour, so he should have taken care of this.

Djokovic is the only one who needs to apologize bbecause he organized everything. The others were there, they did not kill anyone.

“I have to blame Djokovic. Well, the others took part, but he was far behind. Originally for honorable reasons, the idea of ​​charity was at the center. But it has gone in a completely wrong direction and has been abused as a publicity show. You have to blame Djokovic for that. Straka said, speaking to DerStandard.

Note: Quotations are translations from German.

“Novak Djokovic is the president of the players and did not do the paper justice” – Herwig Straka

Straka also raised questions about the Serbian Presidency on the ATP Players Council. Djokovic showed high levels of irresponsibility and immaturity. And many players were already mad at Djokovic after he missed the zoom calls to talk about the resumption of tennis.

“He is the president of the players and he did not do the paper justice. From an ATP standpoint, it was an unnecessary event. ” he said.

Straka also revealed that the organizers had promised safety before the start of the tour. They kept a spectator cap at 1000, ensuring social distancing. Then Straka thought it was safe for Thiem to play. But when the tour started, organizers were unable to maintain basic safety standards.

“In advance, I have insisted that we have clear COVID 19 directives. It has been said that a maximum of 1,000 spectators is allowed, social distancing was guaranteed. Only under these conditions did I release Dominic. That was two days before. They didn’t stick to that, it was annoying to me. ” Straka explained.

Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem

Problems continue to pile up for Djokovic, as many players and managers express disappointment. All hope now for all is that the players will recover safely and tennis will resume safely.