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IF YOU CAN’T WIN THEM …: Jens Petter Hauge in action against Sandro Tonali and Milan at the San Siro in the Europa League qualifier last Thursday. Photo: MATTEO BAZZI / ANSA

Several Italian media wrote on Monday night that Jens Petter Hauge (20) of Bodø / Glimt is ready to sign for Milan. VG has sources that only details remain before Hauge becomes teammates with Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38).

VG was in contact with Hauge on Monday night. When asked if he will go to Milan on Tuesday, the answer was:

– I’m going on a trip tomorrow. It will be a journey and then we will see what the next few days have in store for us, says Hauge.

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He was current for the Belgian Cercle Brugge earlier this year.

– After the Cercle stuff, I’ve learned that I won’t take anything up front. It has already been shown once this year.

– Do you feel like going on a trip?

– Of course yes. We’ll see what the next few days bring. I don’t know anything yet, so we’ll see, says the 20-year-old, who was pulled from Lars Lagerbäck’s A-team for the first time on Monday.

From what VG understands, Hauge has decided to say yes to Milan and that the plan is for Glimt’s favorite to sign a four- or five-year long-term contract.

The clubs are in the final phase of negotiations, as Hauge can travel to Milan, and the price will be around five million euros, that is, more than 50 million crowns, as TV 2 has also reported.

Milan interest for months

From what VG knows, Milan’s interest shouldn’t have come until June. But after Hauge’s phantom performance against Milan in Glimt’s 2-3 loss at the San Siro in the Europa League playoffs, the Italians became much more specific in their approach. After this came the offer that Glimt’s management now says yes to.

In all likelihood, Hauge has played his last match with Bodø / Glimt in this round. Previously, both player and agent Atta Aneke and Bodø / Glimt have pitched the possibility of Hauge being sold in this transfer window, but loaned to the supreme league leader in the Elite Series.

But that does not happen with the transition that is now on the stairs. He also suggested the lightning wing even after the game against Vålerenga.

– Now I feel that no matter when I leave, whether now or after the season, I have contributed to Glimt winning league gold for the first time, Hauge told VG after Sunday’s 2-0 win, where he also was pressed with this statement. :

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Several Italian media reported on Monday evening on the development around Jens Petter Hauge and Milan. Calciomercato.com wrote that Hauge’s agent, Atta Aneke, was observed in Milan, while Tuttomercatoweb reported that Hauge has decided to sign for the big club. Sempermilan.com has also reported that Hauge is in practice ready for Milan.

The important newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport writes that there must have been an agreement between the clubs and that the signing can take place tomorrow and that the player will at least be off in a few days.

VG learned last week that Milan could be Hauge’s next employer, if the Italians got what they wanted.

– I don’t want to comment on specific clubs, but we know they have feelings for Jens Petter, said his agent, Atta Aneke, about Milan’s interest.

After the match at San Siro, Milan manager Stefano Pioli said Hauge has “international class.”

The 20-year-old had a goal to give Kasper Junker a 1-0 lead, then swept the reduction to 2-3 at the net behind Gianluigi Donnarumma. He also faced teammate Ulrik Saltnes in perfect scoring position in overtime that game, but Saltnes beat the chance he could have given 3-3 and what would have been extra innings.

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