– Incredibly cute that our boy came into the world – VG

ALL GOOD FOR MOTHER AND CHILDREN: Asbjørn “Kokkejævel” Sandøy (43) and Christine “Kjærest” Pedersen (33) met their own son for the first time on Tuesday morning. Photo: Private The blogger describes postpartum as exclusively positive. But after six days, the couple are still isolated in a hospital room at Hammerfest. …

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Network Rail: – Races After Wedding Photos

At this time when social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest may have given us a slightly distorted picture of how idyllic and pretty everything should be, you can feel pressure on what you post and what you don’t. If you open Pinterest or Instagram, you will see one image …

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The Norwegian handball coach finished the day

NRK has contacted Dahl, but does not want to comment on the matter at this time. Instead, it refers to what you have written on your own Instagram profile. – Sometimes your values ​​are challenged, and in this case I had no choice if I should maintain my integrity, writes …

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