Bent Høie calls on Oslo’s neighboring municipalities to consider a bandage order

– It makes no sense to go by public transport in Bærum and wait to put on a mask until you reach the Oslo border. It will also be difficult if events with more than 50 participants, in which it is not necessary to sit, are moved from Oslo to a neighboring municipality with exactly the same participants, Health Minister Bent Høie (H) said at a press conference on Monday night.

Just before, the Health Minister had had a digital meeting with Oslo and 19 surrounding municipalities about the level of the measures.

At the meeting, Høie asked municipalities, which have many residents working in Oslo, to coordinate so that they can also introduce more of the measures Oslo announced early Monday.

– Be cautious if you have as many similar rules as possible

On Monday it became clear that from 12 noon on Tuesday the use of masks will be mandatory in public transport where it is not possible to maintain a distance of one meter.

– Actually, this means everyone should bring a bandage on board, Councilman Raymond Johansen said at a news conference.

At the same time, a ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without fixed seats is introduced. Also, all pubs should have a guest registration system to make infection detection more efficient.

Bent Høie says that at the Monday evening meeting he received positive comments from municipalities around Oslo that they will quickly assess the package of measures in Oslo and introduce coordinated measures.

When asked by NTB if this means that other municipalities should also consider introducing a bandage, Høie responds:

– It would be wise to have as many similar rules as possible.

Høie says he has not set a deadline for municipalities to propose new measures.

Reject that it went too far

Bent Høie and Raymond Johansen were in the clinch this weekend on the intrusive measures that Oslo should introduce. It went so far that the Minister of Health threatened to overrule the Oslo City Council if they did not follow the recommendations of the Norwegian Health Directorate.

At the press conference on Monday night, Bent Høie also said that he fully supports the package of measures that the Oslo City Council has proposed.

– I want to thank the city council for now presenting a general package of measures that is good and sufficient to handle the infection situation now, Høie said.

He said at the same time that he did not think he was going too far with his threats to override the Oslo City Council.

“I don’t think he did that,” Høie said.