Nordstrom Jubilee Sale 2020: The best Kiehl’s hair and skin care products for sale from the Nordstrom Jubilee Sale

The highly anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 does not officially start until August 19th, but if you have yourself a [Nordstrom card]( you can shop it a whole week early (the deals are well worth making room in your wallet for another piece of plastic). Amidst the thrill of markdowns of menswear, you would forget that you are missing out on one of the absolute hottest deals: the insanely enormous pump-style bottles of Kiehl’s products that are deeply discounted. We are talking moisturizers, face washes, shampoos, and conditioners that will last you well beyond this full range of a calendar year. It’s like shopping at CostCo, as CostCo were curated by Jonathan Van Ness. Here are a whole bunch of gigundo Kiehl’s products (as well as a few regular sizes) that you’re crazy about not stocking up on as you walk the digital corridors of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale 2020.

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