Nokia wins NASA deal to put 4G network on the moon

Soon, astronauts on lunar missions will have no excuse for not answering their texts.

NASA has paid US નો 14.1 million to Nokia to set up a cellular network on the moon. Freaking The moon. The grant is part of a $ 0 million agreement under NASA’s “Tipping Point” selection, which aims to advance research and development for space exploration.

Nokia plans to build a 4G / LTE network, and finally transition to 5G (like the rest of us). According to NASA’s announcement, it will be “the first LTE / 4G communications system in space.”

The ad also reads, “The system could provide lunar surface communications at greater distances, increase speed and provide more reliability than current standards.”

Nokia’s research arm, Bell Labs, AA provided more details Twitter thread. The company wants a network to support Chandra Rovers and Navigation’s wireless support operations, as well as streaming video.

The network is designed to be compact and efficient, as well as “specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, radiation and space conditions in space.”

According to UPI, NASA said in a live broadcast of the announcement that the network would expand to the spacecraft, and help develop the right technology for the moon. While there are no details about the timeline for the project to become a reality, but it all supports NASA’s goal of relying on the moon, NASA administrator Jim Brydenstein said in a broadcast. After all, how will astronauts be able to walk on their moon on Instagram ?!