No appointment is required to get the COVID-19 vaccine in St. John’s County, the health department says.

S.T. Augustine, Fla. – After a day of confusion over the Covid-19 vaccine that puts up long lines at the St. John’s County Health Department, County Health Department business manager Jack Quigley told News4Jacks that no appointment is needed to get the vaccine.

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According to Quigley, the phone system for scheduling appointments has crashed and there is currently no way to save space. The department’s website said all appointments for this week were made, but some of the 280 vaccines given Thursday were to people who did not have an appointment. Quigley acknowledged that there is confusion and frustration around the distribution of the CIVID-19 vaccine section.

There is a greater demand than the supply of vaccines. Of the 3,000 vaccines available this morning, more than 55,000 are dying, Quigley said. It is not clear how many vaccines will be given on Friday.

More than 5 cars were in line outside the St. John’s County Health Department by 15:15 a.m. Officials will begin vaccinations at 9 a.m. The department did not indicate whether those who were able to make the appointment would be given preferential treatment or first aid. Will be given.

The health department requests patience.

Health departments in Duval, Clay and Putnam counties have made it clear that people shown without an appointment will not receive a shot of vaccination.

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