Nintendo Switch makes the game only $ 0.24 for a limited time

Nintendo has created a Switch and Switch Lite game for just $ 0.24 for a limited time. As you know, games are an expensive hobby, even during the “slower” months like July. And unlike PlayStation Store or Steam, Nintendo eShop isn’t exactly known for its abundant and deep sales. However, occasionally games become very cheap on the platform. For example, right now, for a limited time, Deceased it’s only $ 0.24. It is literally less than a quarter.

In the game, you play a broken robot that accidentally fell from a giant cargo ship on a post-human Earth, which is now occupied by robots. Your goal? Survive this new world and return to your ship before it is too late.

“You are equipped with a Gravitize engine. It is used to create a separate gravity around you; this is the main source of your speed,” adds an official game release. “Use this on descents to speed up. But be careful, using it uphill will slow you down. On top of this, the world is full of different speed boosts like Enerjuice, which you can pick up and use to go faster.”

As you can see, Deceased It is not Red Dead Redemption 2 or God of War, but it’s unique and, based on Steam user reviews, it’s pretty solid. On Steam, 81 percent of users have positively reviewed the game in over 400 reviews.

On Nintendo Switch, the game will not only cost you two dimes and four cents, but 1.3 GB of space. For this, you get the full-time game, which supports all three game modes and the following languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and English.

At the time of publication, it is unclear how long the game will be available at this price. So if you like what you see, or if you think it’s worth a quarter per Twix bar, be sure to jump into the deal as soon as possible.

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