Niners were allowed to play ‘home’ games in Arizona due to the Convid-19 restrictions

When Santa Clara County released the new COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday, it banned all contact sports and made a 14-day quarantine mandatory for anyone traveling in the area 150 miles away. In short, he left the San Francisco 49ers in search of a new home to end the season.

Niners officials said Saturday the NFL. Remained working with officials, continued to work on the rest of the 2020 plan, and by the end of Saturday, nothing was scheduled.

However, sources say the most likely option is for the 49 players to play the final three home games at the State Farm Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals. Their NFC West rivals – who actually host the Ninners in Week 16 – are said to be ready to accommodate them.

The league wants 49 people to play at the NFL Stadium if possible. Another option is for 49 people to play in a stadium in Texas.

When it comes to practice, there are still many options to consider. They could practice in Arizona and stay in a hotel for a month in a pseudo bubble. Another possibility would be that they would practice more than 150 miles from their field – allowing the team that is with them to see their families from time to time – then travel to their new “home” stadium.

The Niners travel to play the Los Angeles Rams today, and they will return home before the ban takes effect at midnight. Expect a decision soon.