Newsom relies on Dodgers, a donor-run foundation for splashing state speech

Government Gavin News gives a speech.

Gov. of California. Gavin News delivers his state address from Dager Gar Stadium on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 in Los Angeles. | Mark J. Terrell / AP Photo

AUCKLAND – Governor Gavin Newsme relied on 000 80,000 from a donor-linked foundation, as well as a testimonial use of Doder Stadium, to deliver a state speech this week to a scattered state that defended against increasing recall efforts.

The Democratic governor walked out of the convention, giving his annual address at the empty Dodger Stadium, not under the lights of the state capital’s elected officials. A News correspondent said Dodgers provided the venue – a kind of contribution whose value has not yet been determined – and production costs are covered by the California State Protocol Foundation.

The California State Protocol Foundation has previously paid for various official functions for California governors that are higher than taxpayers consider reasonable state costs. For example, it covers foreign travel for both Newsom and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The Protocol Foundation has long paid for state functions and ceremonies, such as the reception of dignitaries, the annual tree lighting ceremony and bill signatures,” News spokeswoman Erin Mellon said in an email.

News has contributed 3. 1.31 million to the Foundation since 2019 through its own opening fund. The opening fund itself relies on large contributions from interest groups. The largest donors each donated 200 200,000, including the California Teachers Association, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, the Pancha Band of the Luiseno Indians, the Federated Indians of Greton Rancheria, and Jennifer Moores, owner of the San Diego Padres.

The Blue Shield of California, which was recently commissioned by News’ Public Health Department to oversee California’s vaccine rollout, paid 100,000. Major labor unions and other tribes did the same.

Newsom State Speech F State Speech is read by many as a political discourse rather than a policy-specific vision, with high production values ​​in which video footage reflects the points of its speaking. It was a real start to News’s efforts to defeat the widespread recall campaign. The governor defended his record on the coronavirus epidemic and, by previewing potential campaign themes, predicted better times to come.

The governor made that interpretation on Friday Tweeted a fixed production video showcasing his speech. “We know this year has not been easy. But hope is here,” News wrote.