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The micro .ft flight simulator has been running the motor for over a month, and a big update has arrived.

Here’s what you need to know about the title of Xbox Game Studio.

Breaking News – Japan World Update Patch Notes

Japan has been re-established in the micro .ft flight simulator, and we believe that more countries will follow suit.

The update went live Tuesday, September 29th, And you can go here for patch notes.

Release date and platform

Micro .ft flight simulator arrived Tuesday, 18 August Gust 2020 On P.C. Through Steam and Windows, but no news from Micro .ft about when the game will hit the Xbox One.

We expect the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to arrive on consoles when they are released – which is now confirmed on November 10th.

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The game will be released Xbox One, Xbox Series S., And Xboxx X.


A lot of trailers have come out to be free from the trailers of history, throwing them back when the flight simulator series started in the 80s, this way they went on a danda dive on how they made Flight Sim World.

In what we consider to be the first in a series of partnership trailers, we can see how Bing Maps worked with Flight Sim to produce stunning views on the game.

Take a look at what different processes were put in place to bring different areas to life.

The following trailer was released Monday, July 13th Pre-orders went live!

The launch trailer was shown throughout on XO19 9 June 2019.

Buy now

You can buy the PC version from Amazon here.

Pre-orders can be placed for the standard version of the game . 59.99 /. 59.99, When the deluxe edition arrives . 89.99 /. 79.99 And premium deluxe . 119.99 / 9 109.99.

Take a look at the additional airports and planes you find in this video:

Free on Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can include the game in their subscriptions, so there’s no better time to level up your gaming experience.

For those looking for a complete set-up, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to all Game Pass titles on both consoles and PCs.


Your graphics all depend on the specs of your PC (see below).

You can see what the graphics look like while playing on the “ideal” set-up with this Oceania trailer.

We hope more locations in this series will be announced in the coming weeks.

PC requirements

We can see from the image below that the MFS. What are the requirements to play.

Flight sim specs

You will need the Windows 10 November 2019 update to run on any PC.

8GB RAM is required, with 32GB is the ideal spec!

To play, be prepared for hard drive space, even though 150 GB is required.


The world is literally your oyster in a micro .ft flight simulator.

Every single airport in the world will be available for you to take off and land.

With the whole world at your disposal, where should you go?

Our best choice here is to get you a jet setting.

Excellent details

As you may have noticed from some trailers, the flight simulator extends as far as the eye can see in detail!

Animals are a feature of the game, and include elephants, giraffes, flamingos and more!

And from some of the footage we’ve seen, there’s also an astonishing level of wildlife detail. They also look well animated and very close up.

You’ll also see cars and vehicles moving on the ground, which means you’re flying over a living, breathing world.

Details don’t stop there, a Reddit user, comparing Google Earth images to how landmarks around the world are made fun of. Spoiler alert – they are almost supernatural!


With its improved physics engine, the Flight Sim looks more realistic.

You will still be able to use consistent joystick controls
Makes the game incredibly real.

Micro .ft flight simulator image

Travel the world – Fly on the real-time globe in the plane of your choice!

We do not yet know whether the game includes a hack response to changes in ation altitude and turmoil, and will have to wait for more information on this, or even for the full release of the game.

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Ultimately, the game tries to immerse the player in the best possible way with realistic scenarios and high-betrayal graphics.

The best controllers

For the flight simulator there are some amazing controllers out there, and we’ve put together our own list of some of the best ones.

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Whether you want to go all-in with the top of the line or have a budget, take a look at our guide to getting the most out of this exciting game.

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The most bizarre requirement, of course, is bandwidth.

Microsoft Flight Simu

Leave the Clouds Up: The game has been in development for a while, so we’ll be expecting big things!

Then again, in order to actually pay for the “seamless” multiplayer feature, you should aim for at least the recommended requirements.

In a recent interview, the developers confirmed that the minimum bandwidth should still be ‘good representation of the world’.

10 disc version

For those who have an epic flight simulator physique, you’ll get more than you think … ten times more.

For gamers in Europe, you’ll be able to buy a pack of 10 discs for the game, which comes with an extension b inside.

Microsoft Flight Simulator comes on 10 discs

Your disks can be found here, here and here: this comprehensive pack is almost a collectible version in itself

Why get a disc when you can download? Well, remember that not everyone has access to super-fast internet, or at least 150GB of data space for a new game.

The disk comes with 90GB of data and will not require crazy internet speed to install it. However, you will need an update from Microsoft before the game can be played.

World and simulation updates

In the future there will be free updates that come in two forms: world updates and changes to the simulation part of the game.

The world is constantly updated with the most recent data from Bing Maps, and is really refreshed every 28 days!

Microsoft flight simulator a320neo airbus 1

Upgrade for free: The world of flight simulators is constantly refreshed with real world data!

The future will include new airports, landing challenges and more.

When it comes to simulation changes, there is a greater focus on flight mechanics, and the experience of flight sim is further improved.

Will there be DLC?

There is good news for Flight Sim players, as there will be DLC in the game.

Micro .ft Flight Simulator is planning to introduce paid DLC, which will come every few months.

We are so excited to see how the game expands and their impressive list of vehicles grows!

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