New Zealand have locked down CO Cland in three Covid-19 cases

New Zealand put up their biggest city in the lockdown on Sunday – after only one family tested positive for the Covid-19.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ordered a three-day lockdown for the Uck Calendar after a couple and their daughter tested positive in the country after it was widely praised for curbing the spread of the infection.

New community cases have become only four in the last three months – the first lockdown in New Zealand in six months.

“We’ve destroyed the virus before and we’ll do it again,” Arden told a news conference in the capital, Wellington.

For Level 3 restrictions everyone needs to stay home except for the necessary purchases and the required work. It will also delay the US Cup Regatta.

“Three days should give us enough time to gather more information, conduct large-scale testing and establish if there has been a widespread community transition,” Arrd said. “That’s what we believe requires a cautious approach and that’s the right thing to do.”

Officials said the airlines were alerted because the woman from the infected family works at an airline catering company, LSG Sky Chefs, where she mostly works in laundry facilities, officials said. She didn’t get on the planes.

On January 24, a tourist returning from Europe tested positive for the first confirmed infection in his unfamiliar family after testing positive, the first case in two months.

New Zealand, with a population of one million, has reported a total of, 2,230 cases and 8 deaths since the outbreak.

COVID-19 Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said scientists are doing genome sequencing to see if there are different types, and also to see if they match any infected passengers.

Hipkins said of the nation that closed international borders and began a strict social divide at the onset of the epidemic, that New Zealand kept the Covid-19 better than almost any other country.

“But we keep saying, there’s no such thing as risk.”

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