New York police cars hit glass bottles and other debris in Harlem after responding to the reported shooting report

“Shot spotters” are meters located in New York City that detect the sound of gunshots. After determining the approximate location of the shooting, the meters relayed information to 911 operators, who initiate a police response, a New York police spokesman said.

O’Donnell said that while a preliminary investigation into the shooting resulted in the discovery of several worn casings and two bullets fired, no injuries were reported as a result of the shooting.

Police tried to disperse a crowd of approximately 500 people who gathered in the vicinity of where New York Police officers had responded, but “several people threw glass bottles and objects at officers,” O’Donnell said.

“Additional police units were called to the scene and verbal dispersal orders were issued to the large group. Officers’ attempts to advance into the crowd again encountered bottles and debris,” according to O’Donnell.

The viral video of the incident shows multiple police cars at an intersection. The street is littered with rubble and other trash, and people are seen outside throwing glass bottles and other items into police vehicles. As more debris is dumped in their direction, New York police cars begin to pull away from the intersection and continue to do so while some people continue to throw objects at the cars. The video ends when police cars appear to have retreated approximately one block from their original location at the beginning of the video.

The person who posted the video wrote on Instagram that the gathered crowd was not a protest, but rather a “cool meeting,” and that the only thing the incident has to do with the Black Lives Matter movement is that “young people are fed up. that the police abuse their authority and it is too late to apologize. “

When asked by CNN about his reaction to what happened, the person, whose Instagram ID is @bagluck_, replied, “Everything was fine until the police started harassing people. [sic]”The person behind the account did not respond when asked for his name.

After weeks of protests, significant police reform seems unlikely

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office has yet to respond to CNN’s request for comment.

The New York City Police Charitable Association, a police union representing New York police officers, tweeted Sunday that De Blasio, the chairman of the New York City Council, Corey Johnson, ” and the company should be responsible for delivering our city. “

When CNN arrived on Sunday, the New York PBA said they had no further comment.

O’Donnell said the crowd dispersed around 6:20 am Sunday, about two and a half hours after police originally responded to the scene.

“The flying debris caused damage to the windshield and driver’s side window of an RMP (radio motor patrol). No officer was injured during the incident. There are no arrests and the investigation is continuing,” O’Donnell said.