New Trump golf course sparks outrage in Scotland Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said he could leave the US if he loses Biden from the White House next month. If so, he has been given the perfect place to complete his final days – playing golf on his second new course in the field in Aberdeenshire.

Even if Trump chooses such an option, he can expect a strong reception from conservatives. They say last week’s decision by Aberdeenshire Council organizers to approve the course could have a devastating effect on the area’s fragile environment.

Trump International Golf Links Scotland built a course on the Maine Estate north of Berberden in 2012 and its construction has been accused of severely damaging the spectacular Dunes system at the Forne links near the official site of the Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

As a result, defense experts urged the Berdenshire Council to block approval of plans for a second golf course at Maine, which Trump called for construction. But in September last year, local councilors ignored his warnings and recommended moving the proposal forward.

Since then, campaigners have been pushing the Berdenshire Council Planning Service to overturn that decision but on Friday it announced it had decided to go ahead and approve full planning for the new course. He claimed that the new curriculum would “contribute to the significant social and economic benefits offered by the comprehensive development proposals in Manny Estate”.

This optimism is not shared by conservationists. They say the decision means Foweran’s SSSI status – due to its unusually migratory sands and plant varied life – will have to be completely removed in the next few months.

“This decision gives the Trump organization the green light to further sabotage and destroy Scotland’s natural heritage,” said Bob W. Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. “The Berdenshire Council and the Scottish Government have ignored the Scottish Natural Heritage’s objections to possible further damage to the world-famous sand dunes that are supposed to be protected as a site of special scientific interest, but have been partially destroyed by the building. First golf course. “

The New 18-Hall course, before emigrating to New York, was born after Mrs. Trump’s mother, Mary Ann McClad, and was born on the Hebrew Island of Lewis. The original course will be built in the south and west.

Trump was approved for his “Trump Estate”, which originally included protected hills, as he promised to create 6,000 jobs by building 450 rooms, shops, a sports complex, timeshare flats, two golf courses and a five-star hotel with a housing estate. However, so far it has only built an 18-hole course, open seven months of the year, a practice range, and a small clubhouse that has a rest restaurant rent and shop; He also converted Manny’s manor house into a 16-room boutique hotel.

Trump is likely to spend more time on his golf courses in the fortnight leading up to election day. His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, is 17 points ahead in the latest opinion polls.Guardian More than 18 million votes have been cast.

As well as advancing in national opinion polls, Biden is also consistently ahead in the range of critical swing states. He also won a ratings battle last week – more Americans than Trump’s version on NBC approached to watch his Q&A session on ABC.

Berdynshire residents may soon see Trump, winning or losing. According to, Trump has played more golf as president than any other White House resident. He has visited golf clubs 280 times during his presidency, playing on 140 occasions.