[New] Google Pay top-up offer


[Free Recharge Tricks] Google Pay top-up offer 🙂 – Get ₹ 98 Insert Do A 3 📱 Mobile Top Up Google Pay Loot Offer (Complexion) and get up to ₹ 1500 💰 Earn Scratch Collect Assured now. New Last Unique Google Pay mobile recharge offer For all the Google Pay user offer. Now recharge ₹ 98 and Cashback up to ₹ 1500 Earn Google Scratch Card Rewards This offer expires June 5, 2020!

Google Pay top-up offer

Google Pay mobile recharge offer | Earn Cashback | Collect the reward scratch card

Reward Earn up to $ 1500 Make a mobile top up of 3 on Google Pay and earn up to $ 1500 cash back. Must be the least ₹ 98 to qualify for this offer. Minimum recharge amount of ₹ 98 for all recharge operators now.

If you win a scratch card and win worth $ 10 to $ 1500 when you recharge 3 mobile in Google Pay top-up offer Now. Easy to recharge Insert into any mobile phone number and win the scratch card absolutely now. Only mobile recharge made to the Google Pay Google Pay application through this eligible loot offer. Too, Earn scratch cards Google Pay offer

Google Pay top-up offer

Offer Name Google Pay mobile recharge offer
Rewards Earn up to ₹ 1500 Win
Transaction Do you 3 recharge?
Minimum amount Less ₹ 98
Offer expires Until June 5, 2020

You can win a maximum of 1 scratch card during the offer period! You must successfully complete Mobile Recharge 3 (three) on your mobile number to pay Google at least Indian Rupees Ninety-eight (INR ₹ 98) Each A during the offer period to win a scratch card worth ten Indian rupees (INR ₹ 10 to Indian rupees one thousand five hundred (INR ₹ 1500)

Google Pay top-up offer: do a mobile top-up of 3 and earn up to $ 1500

1. First of all, Open in your Google Pay (TeZ) application for the following link here:

Open here

2. Go to ➡️ Google Pay offer New section Mobile recharge offer Earn up to ₹ 1,500

Google Pay top-up offer

Special offer: do 3 mobile recharges and get up to ₹ 1500?

3) See offer details TO Start mobile recharging Inserted now

Google Pay top-up offer

4. Now, enter your mobile recharge number with Choose operator, select Circle and Click continue Button️ Button

5. Select Plan and Enter Minimum Quantity ₹ 98 Over!

7. Press the To button Proceed to pay Now! Enter your MPIN and complete your transaction ☑️

8. You are done ✔️ Successfully complete Do You A 3 Mobile Recharge And instantly receive the scratch card and win with Google Pay Reward

9) Pick up the scratch card & You, Will, will get up to $ 1500 Eran Cashback for the Google Pay mobile recharge offer.

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Terms and Conditions –

1. To participate in a Google Pay offer, you must accept these terms and conditions of the offer.

2. You must successfully complete a mobile top-up in Google Pay at least Indian Rupees ninety-eight (INR 98) during the offer to win a scratch card and win Indian Rupees ten (INR 10) A Indian Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred ( INR 1500).

3. This Google Pay top-up offer expires on June 5, 2020

4. The only mobile top-ups made in the Google Pay application are eligible for this offer. Mobile top-ups made on third-party websites / applications and paid for through Google Pay are not eligible for the offer.

5. To be eligible for the offer, you must not have previously completed a mobile top-up in Google Pay.

6. You can win a maximum of one scratch card and win during the offer period.

7. You can earn up to a total of 9,000 Indian Rupees (INR 9,000) per financial year (April 1 to March 31) on all Google Pay offerings.

8. Each Google Pay Customer can only use one set of Google Pay credentials, including but not limited to a Google account, a phone number and a payment method to qualify for the offer. Any of these unique Google Pay credentials must not have been used to register another Google Pay account.

9. If you win a reward, your reward money will be deposited into your bank account. As such, you must have a UPI-enabled savings account attached to your Google Pay account to receive payment from Google. Be sure to link your UPI-enabled savings account to your Google Pay account within 45 days of requesting the reward, otherwise the reward will be considered lost.

10. Employees, interns, contractors and office holders, as well as their immediate families (parents, siblings, children, spouses and life partners of each, regardless of where they live) of Google LLC, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and any Los Representatives or agencies of Google or other persons professionally related to the offer are not eligible to participate.

11. This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu (under the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme and Prohibition Act of 1979) and anywhere else prohibited by law. Residents of these states should not participate in this Google Pay mobile recharge offer.

12. You agree that your participation in the offer constitutes your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions of the offer. These offer terms and conditions form a binding legal agreement between you and Google regarding offers, and any defined terms used in this document have the meaning set forth in the Google Pay Terms of Service.

13. Google reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any User who does not comply with the requirements of the offer or for reasons that include, among others, any misuse of the offer or fraud or transactions / activities. suspicious. Google also reserves the right to suspend or change any Google Pay offer or the Google Pay offer program at any time, in its sole discretion.

14. This offer is subject to your agreement with the Google Pay Terms of Service.

conclusion India No 1 UPI Google Pay (Tez) application. If you are new Google Pay Mobile Recharge and collect the scratch card and earn up to Rs.1500 only. Get mobile recharge Rs.98 above more than for Google Pay top-up offer Now.