New Black PS PS Cold V “Drap Pak” Game Mode Leaked

The combination of leaks and in-game teasers revealed what we can see in the first DLC of the Cold War zombies.

Currently, there is only one map in the Dark Ether storyline of the Black Ps Cold and Zombie Zombies, Die Maskin, with the classic map Nacht der Unton.

Fans expect the content of new zombies in December, but we probably won’t see a map of new zombies in season 1 of the Cold War, as the roadmap only suffers from ‘new mods’ for zombies instead of new maps.

Leaks have revealed that the next map will be set in Vietnam and will be called Firebase Z.

YouTube channel Thiz R Ming Revolution, to predict what the next zombies map will be, put all the leaks and in-game teasers together.


Early leaks for Cold War zombies have revealed that the game will begin with a map called Die Maskin and Vietnam’s Firebase Z. Firebase Z didn’t really arrive at the launch, so it’s possible that the next zombies map could be added to the game.

A document was found in the game files that further annoyed the Vietnam setting. The Russian report said the players would be taken to the Sanh area of ​​Vietnam.

Popular liqueur Tom Henderson, Aka Long Sensation said we probably won’t see the new map until February.

Vietnam location

Vitamin, Russia and Berlin – screens show many of the places weavers are watching in the intro cinema of Weaver Zombies.

Along with this leak, a marker points to the real life Ghe Sanh combat base of South Vietnam. We visited this location Mission SOG in the original black ps ps, which includes a detailed layout of the area that can be used as groundwork for new zombie maps.

The campaign ‘Operation Operation Fractured Jaw’ includes a second real-world location, Firebase Ripcord. While we could see almost the entire base from the air, the players didn’t get a chance to find the base on the foot.

However, one player has uploaded a video of her exploring the area and exploring the area. The textures are low quality, but they have got an interesting approval for zombies. The indication for quarter of quarters is the same model used for the quarters of Richton in Shi no Numa.

Because players have never seen this sign, there is no obvious reason to get involved. This could mean that they are preparing this place to become a zombie map. The Firebase Ripcord can be used as the base for a zebra version of Khe Sinha, or players can visit both through the portal or Dark Ether.

Boss Fight

The GamingRevolution has a theory on a possible boss fight for Firebase Z.

In Dark Ather on Die Maskin, you can see the haunted entertainment of monkeys. These monkeys are similar to the zombie monkeys on Shangri-La, so will return to the jungles of Vietnam.

Graffiti on die masks also annoys potential bosses. There is a painting of a gorilla wearing a helmet that looks like it was worn by Viet Cong. Outside the bunker, there is also a painting of the Cosmic Silverback Boss of the Dead Ps Arcade. These two images together could annoy another gorilla-like boss for Firebase Z.

While completing the Easter Egg in Dimachin, players may encounter a large monster made of trees, which the players believe is Elder God. It is possible that this creature could return like a boss, like a tree monster in the Shi no Numa of COD Mobile.