Netflix wins Shonda Rhymes after Disneyland Pass controversy

Shurner Shonda Reims left ABC in 2017 for a major Netflix production deal, and is now open about why she decided to leave the network and her parent company Disney.

Rehms made several hit shows there on ABC during her 15 years, including “Scandal”, “Granny Anatomy” and “How to Get Ave with Murder”, but said she felt she was “dying” on the network.

He told the Hollywood Live reporter: “I felt like I was dying. Like I was pushing the same ball down the same hill for a really long time.”

The first O Shonda rehims projects for the Netflix platform will be introduced

In total, Reims made more than 2 2 billion for Disney but the alleged encounter with a TV executive at Disneyland Pass was the last mistake for the producer.

According to the outlet, Rehms was granted an all-inclusive Disneyland pass as part of her contract but she needed another for the goat as she is a mother with three children. She was able to negotiate.

Shonda Rehms has signed a nine-digit product deal with Netflix. (Getty)

However, when the day came for the family trip, Rehms needed a third pass for his sister as a replacement for Rehms as he would no longer be able to attend.

According to the Hollywood Live reporter, Reims was given a third pass, but Reims’ request was met with resistance and a high-ranking network executive told him, “You don’t have enough?” When she called the person to see if there was a problem.

‘Scandal’ creator Rehms to come down from Disney, ABC to win Netflix

Remise said she called her lawyers immediately after the encounter and told them to “figure out a way” to move her to Netflix, as it was done. In August 2017, Rhymes announced the move.

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“Shondaland’s move to Netflix is ​​the result of a shared plan [Netflix Chief Content Officer] “Based on my vision as Ted Sarandoz and as a storyteller and for the development of my company,” she said in a statement at the time.

Rhymes continued: “Ted provides a clear, fearless space for creators at Netflix. He understood that what I was looking for was an opportunity to create a vibrant new storytelling home for writers with unique creative freedom and instant global reach. Provided by Earth. Innovation. The future of Shondland in Netflix has limitless possibilities. “

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His production deal was in the nine-digit range.

A representative for ABC did not immediately respond to Fox Business’ request for comment.