NCERT: Study from Home: How to Download NCERT eBooks from Class I to Class XII


Among all the other things that have been affected due to the continued blockade to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, students and their education are among one of the most affected areas. Although several schools have started to organize online conferences using various tools, the availability of study materials such as books, guesses, etc., is still a problem that leaves parents and students concerned about their future.

Fortunately, the National Council for Education, Research and Training (NCERT) offers an e-book facility that allows students to download the digital copy of their curriculum books for free. The service offers books and other study materials from Class I to Class XII through its official website.

So if you’re wondering how to download these books, follow our step-by-step guide.

Now, before continuing with the steps, it is advisable to download e-books from the official website because they are usually updated according to the latest syllabus and curriculum. In addition, the website also offers the option to download a particular chapter of a book.

Steps to download NCERT books online


Visit “”


Click on the “View and download free e-books” button located under the Login and Register section


Then it will redirect you to the website textbook page


On that website, select the class, subject and book title and click the “Go” button


The page will load the entire book with the chapter index on the left and the book preview on the right.


From your click on any of the chapters to load the preview


You can also scroll down a bit and click the “Download Full Book” link to download the entire book.

How to open the downloaded NCERT ebooks on your computer

To open e-books, you will need any PDF reader like Acrobat Reader or Google Chrome browser. Once the book is downloaded, click the download to open it.