NBA Rumors: Veri Rears League allows 9.3M disabled player exception

What has long been assumed has now been confirmed.

Athletic’s Shams Charania was quoted by sources as saying on Wednesday night that Achilles’ injury, which ended in Clemson’s season, has resulted in the Warriors being given a disabled player exception (DPE).

D.P.E. Also, Warriors can either sign a free agent with a one-year contract worth 9. 9.3 million or a player whose salary is equal to or less than that value and has one year left on his contract. Exceptions cannot be attached to any other property and expire on 19 April.

Warriors can use DPE at any time before the expiration date, but for many reasons, it may be a while before they actually do so. DPE is a valuable asset with which Warriors can significantly upgrade their roster, but considering the heavy tax penalties that result from using it, they will likely wait until the right opportunity presents itself.

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D.P.E. In addition, the Warriors seal has about a million of taxpayer mid-level exceptions (MLEs). Millions of dollars are left, with which they can sign the player.

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