Nate Robinson was ruined by Jack Paul in his boxing debut

Nor did Robt Robbins show that he was not in the ring in his boxing debut.

In his first professional fight, the former Nick was destroyed by YouTube stimulus Jack Paul in an undercard on Saturday night before Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. Farrow at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Tyson-Jones junior fight was ruled out in an unofficial draw.

Robinson, 36, was knocked out in less than two minutes in the second round of an eight-round cruiserweight exhibition fight, but it’s not the first time he’s hit the three-time NBA Dunk contest champion. Mat in brief confrontation. Eventually Robinson was born.

Robinson – who has played with the Knicks for four seasons – was also knocked down in the first round when he ran on a pole (2-0) that hit him just over the ear. In the second round, Robinson ran towards Paul again, only to be hit in the forehead and knocked down. Surprisingly, 10-year-old former NBA player Paul was immediately re-elected before finishing it for good.

Paul, 23, landed three of his eight punches, but all of them led to a knock-down, according to ESPN.

A boxing legend who analyzed combat was not impressed by Robinson’s raid on the new game.

“You don’t play boxing,” said analyst Sugar Ray Leonard.

Paul, who said he was focusing on his musical career after the fight, is still considering making a box office again – and he also called on UFC star Connor McGregor.

“Being one of the most hated people in the world, I have to fight it out,” Paul said after the fight. “It’s not easy. So for me, this is my perfect game. I got my lane.”

After the tussle, many on Twitter punched the fight: