NASA designed a vibrating collar to help you stop touching your face

If you still can’t stop touching your face when the coronavirus outbreak spreads, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a portable device for you.

The PULSE is a pendant that you can hang around your neck like a necklace, but it is not just decorative. When your hand approaches the device, it begins to vibrate. This is supposed to remind you to stay away from your face area. Three teammates in the laboratory developed the vibrating collar to work with other coronavirus measurements, such as washing hands and wearing masks.

NASA doesn’t have an Etsy shop or anything, so the design instructions for making the PULSE are available for free to anyone. You only need a 3D printer, a soldering tool, some cables, a motor, a coin battery and other materials.

NASA has been busy developing other products, like this prototype fan that can save lives.

Since the pandemic began, various devices and tools have emerged to help you distance yourself socially, protect yourself from potential infections, and delay the spread to others around you. There’s even a hoodie with a “sneeze sleeve” and a built-in face shield.